are male or female dachshunds better

Are Female or Male Dachshunds Better? [A Complete Comparison]

If you are considering getting a dachshund, you probably wondered which is better: female or male? Before deciding which is best for your family, you should be aware of significant differences between female and male dachshunds. 

Here’s the deal: the answer to this question will depend on your preference and family situation. Male dachshunds are generally more playful and social. In contrast, female dachshunds are more independent, introverted, and moody. 

In this article, you will find a complete comparison between female and male dachshunds to help you decide which is the best addition to your family. 

Difference in Personalities

Believe it or not, female and male dachshunds have different personalities. 

Generally, male dachshunds are more loving and playful. Male doxies are fun, goofy, and joyful. They love to cuddle but can also be very clingy and dependent. 

Males are also good with children and better at making friends and meeting new people. However, male dachshunds can also be more aggressive dogs. So if you have children, these are great things to consider. 

However, male dachshunds like to pee inside your home to mark their territory. They usually leave a scent on things like furniture, curtains, and even walls. 

Female dachshunds are cleaner and a lot more independent compared to males. Female doxies are also introverts and prefer to spend time with only their owner or person they bonded with over socializing with groups of people.

Additionally, female dachshunds like to have their own space and may be aggressive when it is invaded. This is why female doxies do not bond well with kids who may tend to invade her personal space. They are overall more territorial and wary of strangers.

You will be able to cuddle a female doxie, but only when they want to. They like to be in control and can get mad when they do not get their way. 

Female doxies are also inclined to mood swings; you may find her lovely or grumpy, depending on the mood she’s in. 

Physical Differences

When comparing male and female dachshunds, physical differences are essential to consider.

Male dachshunds are usually slightly bigger than their female counterparts. Female doxies are often more petite than males. The difference in how big they get may not be that obvious because all dachshunds are typically small.

However, size is not the only differing physical factor. The coats on female and male dachshunds may also be different. 

Male doxies usually have a lusher coat compared to females. Once female doxies are spayed, their coats may change their texture and lose luster, resulting in a “spay coat.”

However, a male’s coat can also change texture when neutered, often referred to as a “neuter coat.”

Trainability: Male vs. Female

Whether you are teaching your dachshund to sit or to shake hands, their sex will significantly affect their trainability. 

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Training a Male

Males are generally more trainable than female dachshunds. Male dachshunds are very loyal and love to please their owner. 

Male doxies will pick up the tricks you want them to learn quickly. They are motivated by praise and food. Additionally, they are driven to keep performing due to their people-pleasing nature. 

However, when it comes to leash training, male doxies may not be the best. Because males are much more friendly and love meeting new people, they will have difficulty understanding they need to stay with you. 

Training a Female

Because female doxies are independent, they can be much harder to train. She is not as driven by praise or food as male doxies are; therefore, getting her to pay attention can be challenging. 

Having said that, because female dachshunds are usually more shy and introverted, they are better at leash training than males. 

Female doxies will have no issue staying by your side because she prefers the company of someone she has bonded with. They do not like to meet new people, so leash pulling will not be a problem if you have a female doxie. 

Health Considerations

Male dachshunds are not prone to any severe health conditions; as a result, they are generally healthier and more accessible to take care of than females. 

Regarding female dachshunds, pregnancy is a considerable factor correlating many health risks and issues. You should not get your dachshund pregnant unless you are fully knowledgeable about their breeding process. 

Female doxies are also prone to vision and dental issues that are not as prevalent in males. 


There are no significant risks when it comes to breeding male doxies. When it comes to female dachshunds, however, breeding is a super delicate matter. 

Female dachshunds’ bodies do not handle pregnancy as well as other dogs. They should be adequately taken care of, as there are a lot of risks associated with pregnancy.

If not correctly taken care of, a female doxie will have trouble absorbing the necessary nutrients during her pregnancy, may become sick, and become ill. 

Spaying Vs. Neutering

Differences between female and male dachshunds are more significant when your dog is not spayed or neutered since this will considerably affect their personalities and behaviors. 

Female doxies will go into heat every 6 to 10 months for about 3 to four weeks when they have not been spayed. 

During this heat cycle, your dachshund will become moody, and you will also need to take care of the bleeding. Additionally, female dachshunds can fall pregnant during their heat cycle if not watched closely. 

Male dachshunds that have not yet been neutered are more likely to hump. However, in some cases, neutering will not always stop the humping. 

Before being neutered, male doxies can impregnate females in heat; therefore, they must be watched closely. 

Sociability with Other Dogs

Dachshunds are not generally good with other dogs. However, when it comes to being around other dogs or animals, male dachshunds do better than female dachshunds. Male doxies tend to be a lot friendlier than the female sex when socializing with others.

Female doxies do not like to share and can get very territorial, especially regarding their owner. Female dachshunds are also known not to get along with other female dachshunds. 

So, if you already own a female doxie, getting another one might not be the best idea as they might feel threatened by a new female in their home. 

On the other hand, if appropriately socialized, male dachshunds can usually get along with other dogs and sometimes even cats. 

If you already have a male dachshund, two males should be able to play, get along, and keep each other company with little to no issues. 

If you have a female dachshund, you should consider you won’t be able to neuter your male puppy until he is at least 12 months old. This might be an issue as you could be dealing with a humping male and a female in heat. 

Female vs. Male: Which is Right for You?

So, the question remains: are female or male dachshunds better for your family? The answer will be up to you and your situation. 

A male dachshund may be better for your family if you have kids around. Male doxies are playful, loving, and good around children and new people. 

On the other hand, if you are an introvert or have a busier lifestyle, you may prefer a female dachshund. They are a lot more clean, independent, and less clingy than male doxie. They will respect your space and won’t require much attention compared to males.

Ultimately, you should consider your situation and how your new dog would fit into your lifestyle.

 If you already have a female dog, adding a female dachshund might not be the best idea. And if you have a busy schedule with little time to play and cuddle with your dog, a male dachshund won’t be ideal. 

To conclude, the question is not about female vs. male, but which suits you and your family best! 

Which do you think is best, male or female? Comment below what you think! And feel free to share your personal experiences. 

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