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How To Teach a Dachshund To Sit (Foolproof Methods and Insights)

A Dachshund can be taught to sit through a bunch of teaching methods using treats and a little patience. It is not hard and only requires a little bit of your time.

This will be great because your Dachshund will learn to sit, and also, you will get to spend time with them and be with them through an important learning stage.

So we are here to tell you how to teach a Dachshund to sit while giving you foolproof ideas to master the command.
Some dog experts might have said to you that a Dachshund cannot be trained, or it is a hard task.

This is normally said because Dachshunds are not the brightest among dog breeds.

Some experts say that they take a really long time to first learn a simple command, some say that they knowingly do not want to learn them, and most say that they are just incapable of learning a command.

This may be the case for bigger and more complex commands, but sitting, barking, eating, drinking, and playing are regular cues that the dogs learn normally.

In this article, we will explain ways to make your dog sit by following commands, the ways to master the command for you, and what to do if nothing works out. These are the simplest methods that will almost certainly work out.

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    3 Different Ways To Teach a Dachshund To Sit

    Here we bring you three different ways you can teach your Dachshund to sit. These ways are tried and tested and do not require more than the normal effort and, of course, patience.

    1. The Reward Method

    The reward method is a sort of method that requires you to treat your dog when he does something you want him to do. If your dog sits on its own some time which it will, praise the action and reward him.

    dog treats

    This would bring a sense of achievement to them. They will think of it as a treat-generating act, and they will do this repeatedly to get it. Make sure you keep a check on their habits and pay attention to their position and postures.

    The most important thing here to do is that you need to associate the action and the resulting treat with a word. For most, the word will be “sit.” This word will act as a command and, with time, will generate the response you are looking for.

    As soon as the cognitive abilities of the Dachshund start pairing the command and the response together, your dog will start acting on it. When it happens, make sure to treat your dog before you completely reward this action.

    2. The Mirroring Method

    This is by far the easiest method to teach a Dachshund to sit. This method incorporates the use of a third party to showcase the idea of sitting when commanded. The third party can be a youtube video, another dog on the road or from a neighbor’s house, or simply the act of a stuffed toy.

    Dachshunds can pick up habits easily. They can mimic responses and habits that they learn from the tv or other animals. So this might be a very stimulating experience for them.

    Try to bring him in front of your chosen third party and talk to them about it. Translate everything that they are doing and saying so your dog understands it.

    In no time, your Dachshund will pick up the cue and learn to sit. All you need to do then is to remember the command and make him practice at least twice a day. Do not forget to treat him in the process.

    3. Consider a Trainer

    If all else fails and you and your Dachshund still have not mastered the sitting command, contact a dog trainer and ask him if you want to be in on the teaching exercise.

    The trainer will surely understand and make it an experience to remember for you and your dog.

    This can also be less time-consuming; you must wait for training to finish and then see the results. This will work best for parents who are busy with jobs and do not really have open lawns or gardens at their disposal.

    If you are using a trainer, it does not mean that you are an incapable parent but only that you want what is best for your Dachshund, and that is worthy of all the praise.

    What Will You Need To Teach a Dachshund To Sit?

    You will need the following things to teach a Dachshund to sit:

    • Treats
    • Patience
    • Time
    • Willingness

    You don’t need many physical things to teach your dog how to sit or follow normal day-to-day commands. All you need is their favorite treat, a lot of patience, time, and willingness on your hands because they are pets. They do not learn or understand as humans do.

    If you are willing to put in the time and effort to teach a Dachshund to sit, congratulations because you are halfway there. All you need now is to pick one of the two easiest methods explained above, and you and your Dachshund are ready to train.

    Another very important thing to mention here is each Dachshund might have a different pace of learning. Some might learn to sit in one day, and some might not.

    So don’t get frustrated when your puppy has not learned, and someone else’s dog has because it is just their nature. Your dog might be doing so much more that you do not even realize, so be patient.

    Lastly, your Dachshund will learn how to sit one day or the other, so enjoy the time and give him the space to lean and grow in a healthy way.

    When Should You Start Teaching a Dachshund To Sit?

    The most appropriate time to teach a Dachshund to sit is around the time they are potty trained – which is from 16-18 weeks old. They will have an easy time learning and implementing the new commands. 

    dachshund sitting on couch with sweater

    Make sure to talk to your potty trainer or vet about it, and they should give you the most appropriate answer according to the needs of your Dachshund. 

    Dos and Do Nots While Training A Dachshund To Sit

    Here we enlist the dos and don’ts of training a Dachshund to sit:


    • Be patient
    • Keep a lot of treats on hand
    • Make their little accomplishments a big deal 
    • Train and exercise the commands regularly
    • Make it fun for them 


    • Speak in a loud and angry voice 
    • Use bad words or cuss at them 
    • Physically push their backs to sit 
    • Put your anxiety about not learning on them
    • Start training them if you cannot finish it

    These are some of the most basic yet looked over dos and don’ts when it comes to training and behaving with a Dachshund. It will take nothing from you to be patient with your pet and act humanely towards to them, so make sure you are all that and extra loving on certain days. 

    Final Words

    In this article, we went through some of the most effective methods on how to teach a Dachshund to sit. These methods were pocket friendly, easy to implement, and effective.

    All you need now is to get some of your Dachshund’s favorite treats and a good patch in your backyard and get started. Make sure to stay calm and patient and talk in a warm and welcoming voice for your Dachshund to enjoy and excel in his learning.

    The best time to train your Dachshund is along with his potty training so make sure you have that in mind. Lastly, do not forget to reward his big and small wins, especially the smaller ones. You don’t know how much positive effect it can have on you and your dog’s relationship.

    We hope this article was informative and helpful for you and your Dachshund puppy. Happy training!

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