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Dachshunds Bad Breath [What You Need to Know]

Generally, dogs of all breeds will have bad breath at some point. So, how about Dachshunds?

Dachshunds, in particular, are more likely to develop bad breath. The reasons a wiener dog develops bad breath can vary, depending on your Dachshund’s dental health status and daily habits. This article will discuss why Dachshunds are more prone to bad breath.

Are Dachshunds More Likely to Develop Bad Breath?

Inherited traits such as overcrowding teeth make it hard for Dachshunds’ teeth to grow straight. A Dotson will keep their baby teeth longer than other breeds, causing its adult teeth to come in uneven. As a result, their teeth grow much closer together than in other breeds.

A Dotson develops more significant gaps between its teeth because of its overcrowding teeth. Bigger spaces in your wiener dog’s teeth allow tartar and plaque to flourish. Your wiener dog’s bad breath will progress if its teeth are not cared for.

Reasons Your Dachshund Has Bad Breath

So now that we know Dachshunds are genetically prone to develop bad breathe more easily, what are some of the other reasons why your Dachshund has bad breath?

Tooth abscesses for Dachshunds

Tooth abscesses are more likely to happen to Dachshunds because they have a lot of teeth, 42 to be exact, fitting in a small mouth. Their overcrowding teeth trap food in unwanted spaces, resulting in tartar buildup and plaque if ignored.

Periodontal Disease for Dachshunds

Periodontal disease is a problem amongst 80% of dogs ages three and older, according to VCA Hospital Network, which makes it the leading contributor to bad dog breath. For this reason, it is imperative to care for your Dachshund’s dental health from puppyhood.

Provide your wiener dog with chewing toys early on to keep them from getting into trouble. Puppies will bite on anything to alleviate teething pains. Dental chews, in particular, keep them busy and their gums strong and healthy.

Poor Regular Hygiene

Ensure your dog gets the routine maintenance needed to keep its teeth and gums healthy. Brushing your dog’s teeth is foreign to most dog owners but does wonders for your Dachsie’s bad breath.


Gingivitis is common in dogs as it is in humans. It’s essential to monitor your wiener dog’s gum health because it can escalate and turn into unnecessary gum disease. Look for signs of inflammation in your dog’s gums. Inflammation is the result of excess plaque buildup.

Consult a Veterinarian About Your Dachshund’s Bad Breath

The dog owner needs to determine the cause of the wiener dog’s bad breath to prevent it in the future. Bad dental hygiene may be the source of the problem, but what is causing the bad breath?

Contact your local veterinarian if you cannot diagnose the cause of your wiener dog’s bad breath. It may be much more severe than just lousy hygiene.

Bad Breath Signs to Watch for with Your Dachshund

Bad breath that smells fruity correlates with diabetes. Other characteristics of diabetes include an uncontrollable bladder and a constant thirst for water.

Other smells of bad breath can indicate kidney or liver failure. For instance, breath that smells like ammonia is a common symptom of kidney disease. Furthermore, breath that smells like fish is associated with liver disease.

If you suspect your wiener dog has liver or kidney disease, take them to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Your vet will expect a blood draw to eliminate any doubts about the cause.

It is good practice for the dog owner to identify health concerns before they arise. For example, recognize specific cues of what your dog’s breath smells like, and its meaning. Relay this information to your veterinarian to give them a better idea of the diagnosis.

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Ask Your Veterinarian About Your Dachshund’s Regular Dental Care Needs

Dental health is often overlooked amongst dog owners probably because it’s one more thing to add to their list of things to do.

However, staying on top of your wiener dog’s dental hygiene will save you medical expenses in the future and also put your mind at ease.

Ask your veterinarian specific questions to best accommodate your Dachsie because every dog has underlying health conditions. Keep an eye out for abnormalities with your Dotson so you can pass this information on to your veterinarian.

Regarding your dog’s bad breath, what does your dog’s breath usually smell like? Does it smell like salmon? Detailed observations are what your veterinarian is looking for, although this information may seem irrelevant to you.

Preventing Your Dachshunds Bad Breath

Prevention of your Dachshund’s bad breath falls on the dog owner. Do not wait until your wiener dog turns three years old and “out of the blue” develops periodontal disease. Regular dental care is the best defense for preventing your Dachshund’s bad breath.

Ideally, brush your Dachsie’s teeth daily or thrice weekly to maintain good dental health. Starting this routine when they’re a puppy will allow your Dotson to be comfortable with people touching its teeth in their later years.

Add a Fluoride Supplement for Stronger Teeth

If brushing your wiener dog’s teeth proves too difficult or time-consuming, consider adding a fluoride supplement, such as Dental Fresh, to your wiener dog’s water. Fluoride is a defense barrier to prevent cavities and freshen your dog’s breath.

Give Dental Chews Regularly for Good Dachshund Gum Health

 In addition to water additives, dental chews are also effective for your dog’s dental health. The dental chew acts like floss when it gets stuck between your dog’s teeth. It strengthens their teeth and is excellent for their gum health.

Go the extra mile and give them dental chews regularly. Maintaining you’re your wiener dog’s dental health also accounts for taking care of their primary health needs.

Provide a Healthy Diet for Your Dachshund

See to it that your Dachshund is receiving the proper diet. Nutrient-dense food is vital for its overall health and its dental health. Give your Dachshund quality dog food with ingredients such as meat, fish, and vegetables. Dachshunds love strawberries and bananas – check out the highlighted links for more details.

Maintaining a healthy diet and regular dental care will help protect Dachshunds from their most common cause of death, heart failure. The heart pumps blood through the whole body. If your dog has good oral hygiene, major health concerns like this are less of a problem.

Having bad oral hygiene transfers into more significant health concerns. The tartar and plaque continue to release into the dog’s bloodstream. The blood pumps throughout its body, reaching vital organs.

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Easy Solution for Your Dachshunds Bad Breath

Dachshunds are notorious beggars at the dinner table. It is easy to give in to your Dachshund’s beautiful brown eyes. However, this can be the main thing causing their bad breath.

Refrain from giving your wiener dog table scraps during meal time to help with their oral hygiene and stinky breath. Give your wiener dog a bone or dental chew to distract them so you can enjoy your meal in peace.

Final Words

As you can tell by now, there are many reasons why Dachshunds get bad breath. Most of the reasons are preventable, apart from their predisposition to overcrowding teeth.

If you notice your Dachshund developing stinky breath, try to identify what the breath smells like. This information will be helpful for your veterinarian to diagnose your wiener dog correctly.

If visiting the veterinarian, ask about specific products they recommend to maintain your Dachsie’s dental health. Taking care of your wiener dog’s oral hygiene will cure their bad breath and do wonders for their overall health.

It is best practice to care for your Dachshund’s teeth early on. Early prevention will mitigate significant health issues from showing up prematurely.

Many times, bad breath isn’t a problem until your Dachshund’s senior years. Pay attention to what the bad breath smells like and pass the information on to your veterinarian.

Hopefully, by now, you are much better informed on why your wiener dog might have bad breath and the different ways to freshen it up.  

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