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How To Teach a Dachshund To Shake Hands (Tried and Tested Methods)

You can use tried and tested teaching methods like rewarding and mirroring exercises. You just need to gain a little more patience and act on it.

So the question of how to teach a Dachshund to shake hands when Dachshunds are stubborn and bad learners might not be that big of a deal. This question is common among the puppy’s parents when they are trying to teach their Dachshund normal tricks and commands.

In this fast-paced life, no one has a lot of time on their hands to give it to their pets, let alone train them regularly. So our methods are time-friendly, pocket-friendly, and also mood friendly. No one has to lose any patience over it.

In this article, we bring you all the information your need on how to teach a Dachshund to shake hands, so sit tight.

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    3 Ways to Teach a Dachshund To Shake Hands

    There are many different ways to teach a Dachshund to shake hands, but here are a few of the tried and tested ones:

    The Appreciation Method 

    For this method, the pet is appreciated when he acts according to a command unknowingly. For example, you randomly ask your pet to shake hands, and he does. Appreciate the gesture then and there with their favorite treat and they will repeat it.

    dog treats

    Rewarding their actions makes them understand the importance of the action, which makes them do it again and again. In this way, they can learn any skill without any hassle and time.

    Also, treating and rewarding a Dachshund is very important according to experts because Dachshunds are stubborn animals, and to make them friendly towards you, they must be treated with treats and warmth. So make sure to stock up on their favorite treats.

    Appreciation works wonders, not only among humans but also in animals, so use it as your asset and show your Dachshund that you believe in their abilities. 

    Using a Visual Example Method

    This is an interesting method to teach any pet any skill or trick you want. It uses the help of any video or a fellow dog that can visually explain the trick to your Dachshund. It works well with puppies who are just starting their learning journeys. 

    Make sure to sit with your Dachshund through this method and verbally explain to them the dos and don’ts of the trick. This will not only make them understand your commands but also make your bond and come closer to each other. 

    For this method, you can use a fellow dog or pet that knows how to shake hands or use an educational youtube video. Both will work just fine. Make sure to repeat this method multiple times in a week or adjust it according to your own timings. 

    Using a Professional Dog Trainer 

    The last way you can use to train a Dachshund is by taking the help of a professional dog trainer. This can be used when all else has failed, and now nothing can be done. This way will help you in saving your time and also produce quick results because the trainer knows what he is doing. 

    Using a professional trainer for training your Dachshund means that you want whatever is best for them. It does not characterize you as a bad parent or an incompetent guardian. 

    So take them to the trainer and sit back and relax. Your baby Dachshund is in good hands. 

    Sometimes the trainer might fail to get a response out from your puppy. This is the time to get him to a vet and get his cognitive and learning abilities checked. 

    What Will You Need To Teach a Dachshund To Shake Hands?

    The following are the things required to teach a Dachshund to shake:

    • Treats
    • Patience 
    • Some Mirroring Activity or a fellow dog 

    When you are teaching a Dachshund to shake hands, chances are that they have already mastered other commands, so this should not be a hard or time-consuming task. 

    All you need is a little patience, some mirroring activities, and a lot of treats. Treating your Dachshund on a regular basis will make them open up to you and your touch. So make sure to regularly treat them and treat them a little more special on their achievements, big or small. 

    A Dachshund will learn best when he is in a stimulating environment with exceptional visual and hearing aids. Make elaborate use of the outdoors for any activity, and make sure to include their parents and their pets if your Dachshund is comfortable and welcoming. 

    What Is the Best Time To Teach Your Dachshund To Shake Hands?

    The best time to teach your Dachshund to shake hands is after he has learned to sit, lay down, layover, and of course, has had proper potty training

    Training, a Dachshund, is a step-wise process, so make sure you plan it in advance when you are starting your training journey. 

    The reason that the Dachshund is a slow learner is the very reason that you need to start with the simplest training command before you move on to the bigger ones. Teach him how to sit first, then lie down, and when he is familiar with the other two commands, move on to the shaking hands bit because it will make sense to him then. 

    dachshund out for a walk

    The command of shaking hands requires touching humans and allowing them to hold their paw, which can be triggering for some Dachshunds. 

    To avoid any unnecessary triggers and fight or flight responses, make sure you have had ample time with your puppy and that he trusts you completely. If it feels a little uncomfortable playing with you and that is very common in Dachshunds, teaching him to shake hands at this age might not be in the best interests of you both. 

    Dos and Don’ts While Training a Dachshund To Shake Hands

    While training your Dachshund, it is very important to be careful not to hurt it in any way, physical or cognitively. So make sure to follow these points while training your or any other pet for the matter.

    Here is a list of the dos and don’ts of training a Dachshund to shake hands: 


    • Be exceptionally patient
    • Stock up on their favorite treats
    • Celebrate their little accomplishments in a big way 
    • Train and exercise the commands on a regular basis
    • Make the exercises fun for them
    • Use playful and open environments for teaching


    • Speak with an angry voice 
    • Cuss at them
    • Physically pull on their hand and shake it  
    • Laugh at them when they can’t or don’t want to shake your hand
    • Leave them with unknown people and animals

    Remember, they are just dogs and do not deserve to be treated harshly because of anything. Dachshunds are a little slow to pick up commands and act on them, so be patient and be prepared for whatever their moods and tantrums may be like. 

    If you can do that, then congratulations, you are a good parent and halfway through teaching them. Lastly, each pet is different, each dog is different, and each Dachshund is different. So give them a safe environment to grow and expand because they will learn, and you will be proud. 

    Last Words

    We have covered a lot of ground in this article about teaching a Dachshund how to shake hands. Make sure the Dachshund has had training in sitting, laying down, and potty training before you teach them how to shake hands. 

    Make use of stimulating learning environments and visual aids to make it a fun learning experience. Remember, they will learn everything you want them to learn in their own space and time. So be patient. 

    We hope this article was useful for you and your Dachshund. Happy training to you!

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