how long should dachshund nails be

How Long Should My Dachshund Nails Be? [What You Need To Know]

Are you unsure how long your dachshund’s nails should be? The answer is simple!

Dachshunds need to have their nails at a length of 1-5 millimeters. Keeping their nails at that length is important to prevent discomfort and potential health issues for your dachshund. Depending on how active your dachshund is, it could be needed to be trimmed as much as every 2-3 weeks or as little as once a month. 

If you are new to trimming your dachshund’s nails and want to learn how to approach them, then this article is for you! 

This article will inform you of the various tools available, as well helping you be prepared for what to do if your dachshund is experiencing any anxiety about getting their nails trimmed.

Let’s dig in.

How Long Should My Dacshunds Nails Be?

A dachshund’s nails should be anywhere between 1-5 millimeters long. 

Keeping their nails at that length is important because it could cause discomfort. Not only that, but it could lead to various physical health issues for your dachshund, such as arthritis or tendon damage.

How Often You Should Be Clipping Your Dacshsund’s Nails?

Most dachshunds require their nails to be clipped at least once a month, but it all depends on how active your dachshund is.

Here’s the truth, if your dachshund doesn’t get outside much, their nails will need to be clipped more often (about 2-3 times a week). Activities such as walking or digging naturally wear down their nails.

Fast-growing nails could also indicate liver disease. If your dachshund’s nails grow too fast, consider taking it to a vet for a diagnosis. 

What to do if Your Dacshund’s Nails are Too Long?

If you find that your dachshund’s nails exceed 5 millimeters long, then it is time to cut your dachshund’s nails. This could be achieved by you cutting your dachshund’s nails or by taking your dachshund to a groomer or veterinarian clinic.

There are pros and cons to each. Cutting your dachshund’s nails at home can save you money. 

On the other hand, if you can’t keep your dachshund relaxed, then there is a chance that you could harm your dachshund by cutting their nails too short. A groomer or vet could save you the hassle and guarantee an excellent job.

Ultimately, it depends on how your dachshund behaves around other people and its comfort level with you cutting its nails.

What Tools Should I Use To Cut My Dachund’s Nails?

You decide to cut your dachshund’s nails. So what tools are available for you to use? 

Here are several of the most common tools used for trimming your dachshund’s nails:

Scissor Clippers

The most commonly used and straightforward tool is the scissor clippers. They are considered o be the most comfortable to use, as most pet-branded ones include padded handles. 

This tool requires you to hold your dachshund’s paw at a 45-degree angle. Continue to trim until the desired length. A good indication of when to stop is when the inside of the nail starts to become white.

The drawback of these clippers is that it can be hard to get the exact precision you need on your cut.

Guillotine Clippers

Don’t let the name of these clippers scare you away. The guillotine clippers feature a hole you mount the nail into for a more precise cut.

Like the scissor clippers, it requires you to hold your dachshund’s paw steady while using the tool to cut its nails. Sqeez the grip of the handles to bring the blade into contact with the nail.

The drawback of this tool is that it requires more force than the scissor cutter. Having to squeeze the grip tight while maintaining your dachshund’s position might be considered too cumbersome.

Nail Grinders

If using either type of clippers makes you or your dachshunds nervous, another option could be using a nail grinder. This electric device requires you to gently hold your dachshund’s paw while feeding the nail into the grinder until the desired length is acquired.

Most people find that nail grinders are easier to use. What’s the catch? It could take twice as long compared. However, grinders can give you more control and a more accurate trim than scissors.

The safety concern is not pushing down too hard on your dachshund’s paw while grinding. Nail grinders can get hot and could burn your dachshund. If your dachshund has long hair, then be cautious that its hair doesn’t get caught inside the grinder.

Emery Board

The Emery Board is a tool you can use to put the finishing touches to your dachshund’s nails. If you make a mistake and cut the nail ruggedly, then the emery board can be used to smooth out the edges as necessary. 

You can either get a board in which you hold it still, and the dachshund leans in and scratches their claws on it, or get one that stays on the floor on which the dachshund voluntarily claws.

The major drawback to using this tool is that it requires training your dachshund to take advantage of it. This tool might not be practical for most dog owners. It would be easier to take your dachshund on more walks and have it naturally smooth out.

How to Calm Your Dachshund Before Clipping Their Nails

Listen, it is common or dogs to get nervous before getting their nails trimmed. There are many ways to help calm and rescue their anxiety build when it is time to clip those nails. 

Taking your dachshund for a walk is a good way to help release any tension that it might have. Exercise has been proven to reduce anxiety, not just for humans but for pets too.

Spending time bonding with your dachshund is good for building trust between each other. There are many ways to help build a relationship with your pet, whether playing or socializing.

Lastly, try to create an environment that is cozy for your dachshund. Try putting on some soothing music relaxing for you and your pet.

What To Do if Your Dacshund’s Nails Are Too Short

If you are new to cutting your dachshund’s nails, then chances are you going to cut them too short. Cutting them too short can cause bleeding. Here are some steps to take if your dachshund is experiencing bleeding.

Step 1: Don’t worry.

If you notice that your dachshund is bleeding, the most important thing to do is not to panic.

It’s been proven that dogs can sense if you are stressed. The dachshund will likely feel the same way you are, so staying as calm as possible is important.

Step 2: Apply Direct Pressure.

You will want to reduce the bleeding as much as possible by applying pressure to the nail. 

You could wrap the paw in a paper towel or fabric if you don’t have a disposable bandage. It is only recommended to use your shirt if it is an emergency. 

Step 3: Apply Clotting Agent To The Wound.

If the bleeding does not stop, then it is likely you need to apply a clotting agent to the nail. Groomers and vets recommend styptic powder s it is simple to use and works effectively.

To apply it to your dachshund, dip your finger into water and apply it to the powder. Your finger should be coated in powder.

The final step is simply applying the powder substance to the dachshund’s nail. It may cause a slight stinging sensation to your dachshund, but once it is applied, it will dry quickly and stop the bleeding.

Final Words

So, how long should my dachshund nails be? 1-5 millimeters is the desired length for any dachshund. Maintaining their nails, that length is strongly recommended to provide comfort and reduce the chances of your dachshund developing physical health issues.

By now, you should know of the different approaches of tools available to you for trimming your dachshund’s nails.

Consult a groomer or vet if you feel uncomfortable trimming your dachshund’s nails. They could offer to trim their nails for you and teach you more about what you need to know about learning how to do it yourself.

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