Do Dachshund Dogs Shed? [Everything You Must Know]

Are you thinking about getting a dachshund as a new pet? Dachshunds are said to be one of the best choices in dog breeds. However, if you or someone you know is allergic to dog hair, then it could present problems. This leads to a big question: Do dachshund dogs shed?

Yes, like most pets, dachshund dogs are not exempt from shedding. Many factors can contribute to how much a dachshund can shed, such as the coat type of the dachshund and its overall health and diet.

If you want to identify which coat types of dachshunds shed the worst, or help reduce the amount of shedding, continue reading! This article will identify which dachshund coat types to get and identify other ways how to minimize their shedding.

Let’s dive in!

Do Dachshund Dogs Shed?

Here is the kicker, dachshund dogs do shed. In general, they are “medium” shedders. That means that while you may not notice the large clumps of hair you’d expect from something like a husky, it is still noticeable enough that you will see pieces lying around the floor or floating in the air.

If you or know someone that is very allergic to dog hair, then a dachshund dog might not be the right choice. If, however, you or know someone who is mildly allergic and still has their heart set on a dachshund, then there are ways to reduce the amount of shedding, starting from the coat type of dachshund you or they choose.

What Types of Dachshund Dogs Shed The Most?

There are three different coat types a dachshund can have. Each sheds slightly differently, and the amount varies depending on the coat type. You may be surprised by which one sheds the least overall.

Smooth-Coated Dachshund

Smooth-coated dachshunds are known for their very short hair and smooth texture. With the proper grooming, a smooth-haired dachshund will shine in the sunlight, which is a positive sign of a healthy dachshund. 

Their shorter hair makes the shed less noticeable, but it can be apparent if observed more thoroughly on the carpet or in the air. Overall this type of dachshund dog is best for those who want to minimize the amount of shedding in their house.

Long Haired Dachshund

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Long-haired dachshunds, as you would expect, have long hair. They shed as much as a smoothed-coated dachshund (medium amount), but because of the thickness of their coat, it may be perceived as more. 

Unlike the smoothed-coated dachshund, the long-haired dachshund requires more maintenance with grooming. 

It will build up if left unattended, and the shed will become more apparent. It could also cause the fur to become matted and tangled. If you choose this type of dachshund, be sure to be prepared to put in more work in grooming its coat.

Wirehaired Dachshunds

Wirehaired dachshunds have the thickest coat of hair due to having double layers of fur. Debatably, the wirehaired dachshund sheds the least compared to the other coat types, but that is only because they shed seasonally, and when they do, it is a lot at once.

While the smooth and long-haired shed sporadically, the wirehaired dachshund will usually begin to shed its coat in the spring or fall. By that time, expect to see large clumps of hair in those seasons. These dachshunds also require more frequent grooming sessions to prevent matting.

What Can Make Dachshund Dogs Shed Worse?

how long can dachshunds hold pee

While shedding is common among dogs, there can be a point of too much. Excessive shedding can indicate that there is something wrong with your dachshund dog. Here is a list of things to be aware of if you believe your dachshund is shedding too much.

Lack of Grooming

Not taking the time to brush your dachshund can have its consequences. Not brushing the loose hair will cause it to build up into larger clumps. In addition, it will prevent tangles and matting, which could be uncomfortable for your dachshund.

If you can’t afford to take your dachshund to a groomer, then take the time to brush your dachshund. Smooth-haired dachshunds only need to be brushed once a week, while long-haired and wiredhaired must be brushed twice a week. 

Specific coats require different brushes. For smooth and long-haired dachshunds, use a soft bristle brush. For dachshunds with wirehair, use a brush that supports stronger bristles for its thick coat.

Poor Diet

A dachshund’s fur coat is a reflection of how good they eat. If your dachshund is shedding excessively, it might be because their hair isn’t getting the essential oils it needs to stay healthy and strong. Healthy hair requires omega-3 acids. 

Be sure to read the nutrition facts of your dachshund’s dog food to see if it has the proper nutrition that it needs. You could also buy vitamin supplements for your dachshund as an alternative option as well.

Medical Problems

Excessive shedding can be a sign of underlying medical issues. It could be a sign of poor thyroid. It could also be a sign of a ringworm or fungal infection. Taking your dachshund to a veterinarian clinic will help provide options for treatment that should help reduce excess shedding.


Too much stress can cause hair loss for anyone. If your dachshund is known to be overly anxious, it could be a factor in what’s causing the shedding. There are a few ways to help reduce stress on your dachshund. 

One is to ensure your dachshund is in a good environment promoting relaxation. Another is to simply spend time with your dachshund, whether it’s taking it for a walk or playing with it.

How To Reduce Your Dachshund Dog’s Shedding.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that could lead to an over amount of shedding by your dachshund. It might be overwhelming to try to figure out the root causes. Below are a number of tips on what to do if you think your dachshund is over-shedding.

  1. Develop a routine for grooming your dachshund. Even a simple brushing can mean a big difference to your dachshund.
  2. Buy dog food for your dachshund that contains omega-3 acids, or purchase supplemental vitamins to help fill in the gaps.
  3. Be observant of your dachshund’s behavior. If something seems unusual, take it to the vet immediately.
  4. Spend time with your dachshund. They crave attention as much as people do. Observe if they are showing behavioral signs of depression or anxiety.


What shampoo should I use to help my dachshund have a healthy coat?

The best shampoos for dogs contain coconut oil as an ingredient. Coconut oil is good for keeping the coat healthy and hydrated.

What are the symptoms of a stressed dachshund?

There can be many variables that demonstrate signs of a stressed dachshund. These include aggressiveness, panting, shaking, and pacing. Be observant of your dachshund and note how often they show any of these behavioral patterns.

Can feeding my dachshund table scraps cause my dachshund to shed more?

While it may not be directly the cause, a poor diet can affect the quality of the dachshund’s coat. Please try to reframe feeding your dachshund table scraps, as most dachshunds need a well-balanced diet to live a long, healthy life.

Final Words

Do dachshund dogs shed? Yes, they do. Shedding is a typical trait for dogs, but the amount varies depending on the coat type. Thankfully for dachshunds in general, they only should be shedding in moderate amounts.

If you want a dachshund that sheds as little as possible, then the best suggestion is to adopt a smooth-coated dachshund. They require the least grooming and maintenance and don’t produce as much hair as the other coat types. However, if you or someone you know are severely allergic to dog hair, then it might be best to find a hypoallergenic pet.

Consider seeing a vet if you believe your dachshund dog is shedding too much. A visit to the veterinarian clinic is the most efficient way to quickly understand your dachshund’s needs, as they can explain them to you.

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