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Why Do Dachshunds Have Big Ears? (The Real Answer)

By: Neelesh Karn

Why do dachshunds have big ears? The answer is a little more complicated than most people think. There are as many unique variations as there are dachshunds.

These variations can have a significant impact on their look. That being said, there are some universal traits that you can expect any dachshund to have. And big, floppy ears are one of them.

The Dachshund is a cute dog that has large, floppy ears. This feature is unique to this breed of dog, and it’s one of the most commonly known traits of dachshunds.

But what is the reason for such an appearance? In this article, we will see why dachshunds have big ears and everything around them.

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    Why Do Dachshunds Have Big Ears?

    Dachshunds are scent hounds, and that’s the primary for their big ears. Because their body is low, their long ears capture the scents easily. Their long floppy ears make it easy for them to hold on to sell close to the ground. This makes it easy for Dachshunds to hunt badgers or other underground animals.

    Dachshunds also have a large number of nerve endings in their ear canals. Unlike dogs with upright ears, dachshunds can’t hear faraway sounds.

    But this makes them more focused on sounds close to the ground. This makes dachshunds good hunters and guard dogs.

    It is important to note that many dogs have floppy ears, but not all have big floppy ears. Dachshunds have ears that are bigger than the average ear size of dogs. This is because humans developed their breeds as a hunter’s safeguard. 

    In most cases, the outer ear of dogs has a shape that is similar to an “oval.” However, in dachshunds, these ears have an unusual shape. The ears are not elliptical, but they are “upside down triangles.” This shape comes from the inside ear tassels. These tassels are only visible in hunting dogs, like the Great Dane or German Shepherds. 

    Why Were Dachshunds Bred to Have Big Ears?

    There have been many theories to explain the birth of dachshunds. However, the most accepted explanation is that they were bred to hunt badgers.

    Dachshunds were originally used as a weapon against badgers in Germany. They dug underground tunnels until they found a badger and killed it by puncturing its lungs. People soon realized that this breed was perfect for burrowing animals.

    Dachshunds are high-strung, and they are also hunters of small animals. So if someone tried to get a rabbit or a squirrel, they would try to attack them as well.

    There are records of dachshunds who lived in the British Isles during the Middle Ages. There were also records of how humans used dachshunds for hunting rabbits. 

    According to studies, humans developed dachshunds after breeding different dogs. The result was a robust and agile dog. A dog that was able to hunt badgers without getting into trouble.

    There are many characteristics of dachshunds that show that they were bred by humans because they had specific traits. For example, the coat colors and patterns that you find on dachshunds are unusual for dogs in general. 

    Humans developed dachshunds to have long floppy ears. Their ears are that way because humans wanted to increase their smelling

    abilities. This further made it easier to catch badgers. 

    All this mixed with not very good hunting behavior in humans, and you got a Dachshund. A dog whose main purpose was to hunt down badgers. Dachshunds were also made to be good house guards because of their better concentration. 

    A cute dachshund looking at its owner

    How Do Dachshund’s Ears Make It Easy To Detect Scent?

    Dachshund’s ears are an important part of their anatomy. Their ears are considered a secondary organ of scent detection. 

    how fast can dachshunds run

    Dachshunds have long floppy ears that make it easy for them to track a scent. Their ear canal also has a higher number of nerve endings. Since their ears are so close to the ground, dachshunds can catch more scents than other dogs with upright ears.

    These hair cells not only pick up and interpret the scents but also trigger scent glands in the dog’s nose. This is the reason why Dachshunds got their reputations for being good hunters.

    Dachshunds have large inner ear tassels, which help make this possible. These tassels are only present in hunting dogs, and they allow the dog to track its prey easily. 

    In addition, dachshunds have very strong muscles around their ears. This makes it easy for them to stand their ears up if it is cold.

    Dachshund ears are a unique characteristic. Whether you have an average or big Dachshund, you can learn a lot about this breed from their ears. Despite being a very small breed, dachshunds are pretty special. 

    Do Dachshunds Have More Ear Hair Than Other Dogs?

    Dachshunds have a high number of hair cells on the surface of their ears. These hair cells not only pick up and interpret the scents but also trigger scent glands in the dog’s nose. This is another reason why Dachshunds got their reputations for being good hunters.

    Dachshunds have long floppy ears, which means that they also have long ear hair. Ear hair protects the inside of the ear from dirt and other things that can hurt them. This is especially true if they are going to be digging underground. Dirt and other things can collect in the ear canal, and it can cause infections.

    Dachshunds have difficulty cleaning their ears because they have long hair. That’s why the hair on their ears is coarse and straight. Dachshunds that do not live in warm areas find more suitable. Also, these dogs often need the attention of vets because of ear infections.

    Why Do Dachshunds Need Some Extra Care?

    Dachshunds are prone to ear infections due to their long body, floppy ears, and short snouts. Because they have large downward-facing ears, the air circulation is limited. Therefore the dirt settles under their ears, leading to ear infections. To prevent this problem, you should clean dachshunds’ ears regularly.

    A home with the proper environment will be safe for a long time. Dachshunds can also cause problems from other ticks that carry disease. So, it is important to keep them healthy and protected from external threats. Otherwise, you may end up with an expensive vet visit.

    A Dachshund’s long body and short legs make it hard to regulate body temperature.

    Sometimes, dachshunds have more trouble breathing because of their short snouts. The airflow is restricted through their nose to regulate their body temperature. This is why you would often need to find an indoor activity for your Dachshund.

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    How Do I Take Care Of My Dachshund’s Ears?

    First and foremost, you should keep your Dachshund’s ears healthy and clean. Don’t compromise on visiting a vet if your dog has an ear infection, even after cleaning. If you see any signs of discomfort in your dog, you should check their ears. 

    dachshund getting ear checked

    See whether there is any fluid coming out of their ears. If that’s the case, then clean your dachshunds’ ears using a damp towel, cotton balls, and ear cleaning solution. You must consult the vet before using a cleaning solution. Choosing any random cleaning solution can cause allergy or further increase the infection.

    You should also check for any spots around their ears. These spots can be because of parasites. Parasites often leave black or red bite marks on ears. If you notice any black or red spots, take your dog to the vet. Do not ignore going to the vet because it can make the situation worse.

    Just keep checking your dachshunds’ ears once a week to see if it’s fine. Generally, dachshunds’ ears need cleaning once or twice a month. Do not over-clean their ears because dachshunds have sensitive ears. Over-cleaning can lead to irritation in their ears.


    Why does my Dachshund tilt its ears backward?

    If you see your Dachshund tilting its ear backward, then he’s probably shy or nervous.

    Do dachshunds have the biggest ears?

    No, dachshunds don’t have the biggest ear. Bloodhound is the dog breed with the biggest ears.

    Why does my Dachshund shake its ear so much?

    If your Dachshund keeps shaking, it might have an ear infection.

    Final Words

    Why do dachshunds have big ears? Well, now you know it, so you can put their big ears to the best use. Now, you also have a better understanding of dachshund history and anatomy. A better understanding of dachshunds would further help you in taking the best care. Also, don’t forget to keep your Dachshund’s ears clean!

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