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How To Clean Dachshund Puppy Ears? (Dachshund Ear Cleaning Tips)

By: Neelesh Karn

Good dachshund owners know their responsibility, and this includes the upkeep of their dog’s ears. But many aren’t sure how to do it just right.

Dog ear care is important because it will reduce infection and clean out wax. 

It also helps prevent your pup from scratching his or her ears raw. In this post, we will tell you how to clean dachshund puppy ears so that you can have good hygiene for your sweet paw too!

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    Things You Should Know About Dachshund Ear Cleaning

    The waxy residue in Dachshund ears consists of two types of healthy cerumen. This cerumen lubricates the eardrums and protects the ears from any bacteria and pests.

    Both the cerumen play a crucial role in keeping Dachshunds’ ears healthy. While one of the cerumen is oily, dry, and flakey, the other cerumen is moist. 

    A dachshund owner needs to maintain both the cerumen carefully in their Dachshund’s ears. You need to make sure that there isn’t any excess cerumen. Otherwise, your Dachshund can have health issues and ear infections.

    Dachshunds have long ears that hang lower in comparison to other dogs. Because of this, there is very little air circulation in dachshunds’ ears. Low air circulation further builds up moisture inside the ears, causing bacterial and fungal infections in the ear canal. 

    Moist and dark ears with fungal infections are an invitation to fleas and ticks. Ignoring ear cleaning for dachshunds can result in harmful ear infections. If the infections are not taken care of, they can have foul discharge, swollen lymph nodes, and loss of hearing. To make things worse, lack of ear care can even result in ruptured eardrums. 

    Step-by-step Process On How To Clean Dachshund Puppy Ears

    Prepare for Ear Cleaning

    First and foremost, you have to prepare to clean the puppy dachshund’s ears. Turn off the fans and switch off the air conditioner. This is to keep your Dachshund from panicking. On a hot day, turn on an overhead fan to move air away from dachshunds’ heads. 

    Get your Dachshund comfortable with touching its ears. You must take extreme care when cleaning your Dachshund’s ears since his ears are sensitive.

    You don’t want to accidentally squirt anything that can hurt your pet. The ear cleaners that you use are safe for humans. However, not safe for use on dogs. 

    Even though cleaning dachshund ears isn’t complex, it can get pretty messy at times. Therefore, you should wear clothes that you won’t mind getting dirty. 

    Make sure to clean your Dachshund’s ear only when it’s calm. If your puppy is feeling anxious, wait for him to calm down. Take him out for a walk or give him a gentle walk to calm down.

    Get Equipment

    Before you start cleaning your Dachshund’s ears, you keep a few important things handy.

    • Cotton wool: Use cotton pads or cotton wool balls for cleaning the ears. Avoid using cotton buds because they can push debris back into the ear. 
    • Washcloth: To clean the inside and outside of your Dachshund’s ear.
    • Dog’s ear cleaning solution: It’s better to consult a vet for a safe ear cleaning solution.
    • Towel: You would need to use a towel to dry your Dachshund’s ears after cleaning. A towel can also be handy if it gets dirtier.

    A dachshund getting its ear inspected by the vet

    Hold your Dachshund firmly

    As you clean the Dachshund’s ears, hold your puppy firmly. This is to prevent him from pulling out your cleaning tools and dirt.

    Support him from the stomach to avoid any sudden movements that can hurt him. If you hold your puppy still, he won’t get hurt or spooked as you clean his ears.

    Rotate The Ears To Prevent Contamination

    Never just pop the ears of your Dachshund dog and then proceed to clean them. Instead, take a moment of your time to ensure that you have rotated their ears. Before rotating the ear lobe, make sure you first use some tweezers to gently remove any debris.

    Rinse the Washcloth

    Rinse the washcloth with water and clean the outside of your Dachshund’s ear. Start from the outer part of the ear and work your way to the other side. Make sure that water doesn’t get inside the Dachshund’s ears. 

    You need to turn your puppy’s head so that you can clean both ears with one cloth. Repeat this process until you find no dirt or debris outside your dog’s ears.

    Pour the Cleaning Solution into Dachshund’s Ears

    Use the ear cleaning solution in your Dachshund’s ears. Make sure that the solution is warm and not too cold. To make sure that everything is ready, check out the surface of your puppy’s ear. You can do that with your fingers after pouring in the cleaning solution. If you feel any moisture or drops of water, your cotton cloth or pads will get dirty.

    Massage the Ears

    After rinsing your Dachshund’s ears, give his ears a gentle massage. This allows you to remove any debris that gets into his ear while cleaning. This will help in clearing excess ear wax and debris from the ear canal.

    Wipe the Ear Canal

    Use a cotton cloth to wipe the ear canal after cleaning. Use your fingers to clean the ear canal with extra care. While you do this, ensure that you don’t put too much pressure on your Dachshund’s ears.

    Wipe the Inside of the Ear

    Use a clean cloth to wipe out the inside of your dachshund ear. You must be careful not to stick the cotton cloth into your Dachshund’s ear canal. 

    Rinse the Ear Clean

    Rinse the ears with clean water. After cleaning the ears with a washcloth, use clean water to rinse them thoroughly. You should do this twice more since the ears tend to hold dirt, oil, and hair. 


    Do the same things step-by-step on the other ear as well.

    Pat Dry the Ears

    When you are done cleaning your Dachshund’s ears, pat him dry with a towel. It’s important to make sure that you don’t leave your puppy’s ears wet.

    Reward your Dachshund

    Once your cleaning process is done, reward your Dachshund with treats. Take him out on a walk to his favorite place or do something that he enjoys. This will motivate him for regular ear cleaning.

    A vet cleaning dachshund’s ears

    Things You Should Remember While Cleaning Dachshund Puppy Ears

    A good dachshund owner needs to remember these important facts while cleaning ears:

    • The ears of a puppy will not be completely clean. They will retain a small amount of wax that is beneficial for your pet’s ear health. You need to gently clean both ears and then continue with the next step of drying them. 
    • Use a blow dryer cotton swab to clean the inside of your pet’s ears. Also, don’t use any cleaning agents and disinfectants that might irritate your Dachshund’s ears.
    • You should gently dry both ears after you clean them. The wet cloth that you used earlier isn’t enough to thoroughly dry your pet’s ears. If you have a blow dryer, feel free to use it for this part of the process.

    Why Do I Need To Clean My Dachshund’s Ears?

    Dachshunds are prone to ear infections. Ear infections can be painful and cause great discomfort to your pet. Ear infections and mites grow rapidly once they have found their way into your puppy’s ear.

    Cleaning your Dachshund’s ears is a good way to prevent ear infections. Dachshunds have a higher chance of having ear infections and ear mites. Ignoring ear cleaning can lead to fatal health issues. It can also become home to parasites too.

    How Often Should I Clean My Dachshund’s Ears?

    Dachshunds have sensitive ears, so you should clean their ears just once or twice a month. Check the ears weekly to see whether it is too dirty. You would need to keep a check on their ears because they are floppy, which makes their ear prone to infections.

    You should check your Dachshund’s ear every time he gets into the water. You should also check them after showering them. Make sure there is no water inside. Otherwise, it can lead to infections.

    Never rush to check your Dachshund’s ears. You should check their ears only when they are comfortable. To make them comfortable, just give them a gentle rub on your lap.

    If you take things slow and be smart, you can check Dachshund ears much more easily. Check the ears visually for any debris, or you can even give a sniff to check for any foul smell. Give the ears a gentle massage to check for any pain in the ears.

    With time, you will understand your Dachshund’s body better. With this, you’ll get an idea of how often his ears need cleaning. 

    A healthy and happy dachshund after ear cleaning 

    How To Know My Dachshund’s Ears Need Cleaning?

    To know how dirty a dachshund’s ears look, you’ll need to know how clean ears look. Clean dachshund ears are pink, soft, and odor free. If there is any foul smell or the color isn’t very clear, then it may need cleaning.

    You would need to make sure that the ears are dirty enough for cleaning. Too much cleaning can cause irritation and even infection. So, don’t clean your Dachshund’s ears anytime you feel like cleaning.

    Here are some signs that indicate your Dachshund’s ears need attention.

    • Built-up wax: If you see any gooey, dark wax clogging up the ears of your Dachshund, then you must clean it.
    • Crusty residue: Sometimes, you’ll see flaky debris instead of moist liquid. You can check for it in your Dachshund’s ear canal or inside of his ear flap. If you find the residue, you need to clean his ears.
    • Red spots: dachshunds can have red spots inside their ears from parasite bites. If you see this, then you should take your Dachshund to the vet for the right advice.
    • Small black spots: Just like red spots, back spots or dots are signs of parasite bites. These are flea feces, and it requires attention from the vet.
    • Red or inflamed ears: Look for any signs of inflammation, soreness, or redness in your Dachshund’s ears. If you see this, try to clean their ears. Instead, take your Dachshund to the vet. The vet can see whether it’s an infection or an allergy and treat it accordingly.
    • A foul smell or stinky discharge: If any foul smell or discharge is coming out of our Dachshund’s ears, then clean the ears gently. If the smell doesn’t go even after cleaning, take your Dachshund to the vet.
    • Other Signs: If your Dachshund keeps scratching his ears or shakes his head unusually, you should clean his ears. If your Dachshund doesn’t let you touch his ears, or you feel any stiffness in his ears, then it may need cleaning too. If cleaning doesn’t help, you should go to the vet.

    Parasites in your Dachshund’s ears

    You must check for any parasites in or around your Dachshund’s ears. If you see any unusual spots, then it can be parasite bites. Check your Dachshund’s fur to see any ticks and fleas. If you see any of these, you should go to the vet for treatment. 


    What should I use to clean my dachshunds’ ears?

    You can use washcloths or cotton balls along with a dog ear cleaning solution.

    Why does my Dachshund have smelly ears?

    If your Dachshund’s ears smell even after cleaning, it can be because of a yeast infection. In this case, you should visit a vet.

    Do mini dachshunds have ear problems?

    Yes, mini dachshunds can also have ear mites, just like other dachshunds.

    Final Words

    Now that you know how to clean a dachshund puppy’s ears, you can keep your Dachshund’s ears clean and healthy. Keep checking your Dachshund’s ears weekly to see for anything unusual.

    If you see any signs of parasites, then go to the vet for treatment. Clean once or twice every month to maintain optimal cleanliness!

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