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Do Dachshunds Howl To Convey A Message? (What You Need to Know)

Ever wondered why Dachshunds howl so much?

The primary reason for howling is to grab the attention of the partners or guardians so that they do feel the loneliness. Dachshunds can be loud and noisy, enough for your neighbors to come over, telling you to stop the noise immediately. But being alone is not the only reason behind this noisy activity of the Dachshund canine. 

We are going to discuss every reason behind your pooch making the noise and in what ways you can stop it. Understanding your Dachshunds or the doxie, feelings, and problems is crucial for keeping them healthy.

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    Historical Reasons for Dachshunds Being So Noisy

    The Dachshund breed belongs to a family of stubborn hunting canines. In the 15nth century, hunters used Dachshunds in several parts of Europe. When you translate their German name, you will get to know that Hund means hounds and Dach means badgers. 

    Here’s the truth: all the hounds are the closest descendant of the wolf and have similar vocal features to a wolf. Dachshunds have a large pair of lungs for such a small-sized body, which allows them to inhale more air in their lungs.

    Hence, Dachshund’s barking and howling skills are much stronger than other breeds. 

    A Dachshund used to be at the base camp when the whole pack of hounds used to go on a hunt with the hunter. The Dachshunds start howling whenever the group feels they have lost track.

    As a revert, the doxie at the base also howls back to let the master know which direction they have to follow.

    Why Dachshunds Howl

    Though the history and physical structure of the Dachshunds make a loud howler, there are many other reasons that lead to the canine making this sound.

    The cause of Dachshund dog howling can be anything from health issues to separation anxiety. Let’s discuss the causes in detail.

    As a Form Of Communication

    Howling has been a form of communication for the Dachshunds for a long time. They try to convey a message to their guardians or other dogs.

    Dachshunds are pretty intelligent compared to the different breeds of canines. Therefore, whenever they feel that their partner or guardian is unable to understand them, they prefer howling to convey their message to them.

    Look: Dachshunds are one of its kind dog breeds in the world. Though they carry the genetics of a wolf, they have a tiny baby’s heart.

    They are very emotional and have a lot of feelings for their beloved partner or guardians. By howling, they try to show that they are emotionally hurt.

    Here’s what John Belken, parent of a mini dachshund named Ibis, has to say- 

    “I have a dog park near my premises. The vet suggested I should take my Dachshund for a walk in the park where it can easily socialize with others. Ibis is quick to make new friends. Ibis also has a best friend named Taco. Now, whenever I take him to the park, the howling starts on seeing Taco. It’s probably to show how happy he is to see him again.”

    Howling Because of Physical Discomfort

    Because of their sausage-like body structure and some inherited diseases from their parents, Dachshunds tend to fall sick if you don’t give them a check regularly.

    Whenever they feel in a state of physical discomfort, they start howling so that someone feels concerned about them. The common diseases that make dachshunds howl are below:

    Retinal Atrophy

    This loss of sight condition is a prevalent disease found among Dachshunds. The reason behind this is that Dachshunds usually develop cataracts, which is because this is a hereditary condition among Dachshunds. 

    You can find a detailed investigation report on the progressive retinal atrophy among mini Dachshunds by R.Curtis and K.C. Barnett here.

    Intervertebral Disc Disease

    The little weenies have a long back with tiny feet. Because of this, the back becomes fragile and prone to strains and muscle cramps, making it one of the most common diseases among the Dachshunds. In addition, intervertebral disc disease is often associated with intervertebral disc calcification, leading to the degeneration of the intervertebral disc.

    Patella Luxation

    Dachshunds look super cute because of their little-sized body, which also makes them prone to many diseases. It is the most common disease among Dachshunds because of their short legs is patella luxation.

    They happen due to the heavy weight of their upper body, aligning pressure over their short, tiny legs. 

    Because of such immense pressure, the kneecaps pop out or get disordered. That makes the Doxie uncomfortable moving around, forcing it to howl in pain.

    Due to Change in Weather Conditions

    Changing weather conditions is very uncomfortable for different forms of breed, but for the Dachshunds, it is sometimes unbearable for the Dachshunds.

    As a result, these pooches fall sick and may become patients of hypothermia below the temperature of 5°C-7°C or 42°F-45°F in winters.

    The reason is that the heat escapes quickly as the thin layer of insulating coat cannot trap the heat for longer. Furthermore, extreme summers make them dehydrated if proper water consumption is not maintained.

    These climate changes result in the Dachshunds doing howls for hours.

    Anxiety Because of Separation

    The Dachshunds have emotions just like a human. They become a victim of separation anxiety when they feel alone and depressed.

    dachshund getting hugged

    The feeling of love and affection for their partners and guardians is there in them as they start howling in the memory of their close ones.

    These attention seekers cannot be all alone for days. They need to be around people with a lot of time to spend playing or exercising while taking proper care of their health.

    In addition, they love to entertain others with their funny activities and to find space to get involved in whatever their partner is doing.

    When They Feel Insecure

    We know that Dachshunds belong to the family of ancient hounds, and they inherited excellent instinctive capabilities from their ancestors.

    As a result, they can sense unusual humans and animals from far away as they can detect smell and hear noises that humans can’t.

    When they see unfamiliar faces and strangers approaching their premises, they start howling to alert their guardians about the danger coming towards them.

    Demarcating their territory is crucial for them, and if anyone tries to penetrate, they become ready for action.

    To Grab Their Attention

    Because of their slim, miniature-sized body, they can enter places that humans can’t. For example, they can easily detect rodents messing around in the house and grab the housekeeper’s attention with continuous barking and howling.

    It gets worse: If the rodent is in the reach of the Dachshund, it will most probably get killed and eaten by your little pooch. Furthermore, if the rodent had something poisonous, your Doxie would get poisoned from it. Therefore, teaching your Doxie not to chase rodents and to get rid of them as a priority is advisable.

    Do Dachshunds Howl For Their Pleasure Also?

    Sometimes Dachshunds howl not only because of stress, anxiety, danger, and health issues but also to make themselves feel better. They start developing their vocals at a young age, and while exploring several different tones, they find the inherited tune of howling. 

    Sometimes it is better to let your Dachshund sing once in a while, to sing the song they always wanted to. Then, if there are no objections for the neighbors, let the canine make a good howl to get them relaxed. 

    Here’s why: Dachshunds are very sensitive to emotions. The little puppies get depressed because of tiny things, such as being alone for even 30 minutes.

    At this age, they don’t know how to express themselves. So to get the burden of depression off their shoulders, give them a good howl.

    Proper teachings and howling sessions might benefit you when your Doxie becomes older. For example, you can teach how to howl by showing a YouTube video of other canines making a good howl. 

    Here’s a link to a video that can teach your Doxie to make an excellent satisfying howl.

    Ways to End Your Dachshund Regular Howling

    Regular howls can be difficult to tolerate by your neighbors, resulting in frequent notifications and visits at your door. They might even register a complaint if you cannot stop your Doxie from howling.

    To finally put an end to the sharp howls of your Dachshunds, here are some ways that you follow after a close investigation of the exact problem of your canine:

    If the Reason Is Physical Discomfort

    After proper investigation, if you find that your Doxie is suffering from a disease, get a vet’s appointment first and foremost. Consult with the vet about what treatment to provide. If the treatment requires surgery, get it done. 

    dachshund with vet

    IVDD surgeries are a little too expensive ranging between $7k- $10k. After the surgery, Doxie might suffer from pain or swelling around the neck. Vet’s usually prescribe rimadyl (anti-inflammatory drug), methocarbamol (muscle relaxer), and tramadol (pain killer) as per requirement. Please consult your vet before any sort of medication.

    If the Reason is Separation, Anxiety, and Attention Seeking 

    Dachshund puppies become emotionally attached to their owners within a few days. But if you leave them alone for a few minutes, they start going into depression. When you have to leave them alone, buy some toys like a pig’s ear or a bone stick to distract them. Start doing it and gradually increase the time to make them adaptable to it.

    If the problem persists, consult a vet about it. For example, a vet might prescribe trazodone (antidepressant) to help the Doxie feel relaxed and easily stay alone for a few hours without getting upset.

    If the Reason is Being Suspicious

    You cannot force a canine to be quiet when they feel something suspicious. It is a genetic feature inherited from ancestors, mainly when they belong to a family of hounds. Getting a trainer is the only way to stop howling because of seeing a stranger approaching.

    Usually, the adoption shelters have a behaviorist with them. If you make a wise decision to adopt a canine, they primarily provide free training to the Dachshund to become comfortable in the new family. However, dachshunds are stubborn, so it is better to train them with professionals.

    Final Words

    Howling is like two sides of one coin. On the one hand, it comes with the benefit of the Doxie being able to express its feelings and inform the owner about them.

    But on the other hand, long and sharp howling can disturb your sleep and make your neighbors go crazy.

    Now that you have this information about why Dachshunds howl, you can follow the above-mentioned ways to stop those howls. We hope this is helpful in making your Dachshund happy again.

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