Dachshund Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Dachshund Jack Russell Terrier Mix (Breed Info, Facts, & More)

Dachshunds are one of the cutest and most friendly dog breeds in the world, but if you need a more energetic version of the Dachshund, then the Dachshund Jack Russell Terrier mix is the best choice for you.

Better known as Jackshund, this mixed breed pooch is famous for his jolly nature with the family and also for his capabilities of a strong sense of smell.

We will discuss everything today about this dog breed and help you gain the must-have information about the Jackshund.

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    Let’s Learn More About The Dachshund Jack Russell Terrier Mix:

    The hot dog-shaped dog, also known as the Jack Weenies, is the most family-friendly dog breed out there.

    This super cute breed of designer dogs came into existence about 30 years ago when the two purebreds of parents reproduced to give birth to a cuter version of the crossbreed.

    What Makes the Dachshund Jack Russell Terrier Mix So Special?

    The cute little mix puppies produced after the crossbreeding have a wide variety of hair coats upon them. It is very difficult to tell what the exact appearance of the puppy will be after mix-breeding, but it has a lot of genetic features and characteristics of its parents.

    Their coat quality depends a lot on their parents, and hence it can be a double coat or sometimes single. Mixing the two breeds brings out most of the unique features of the dog.

    This mixing of the breed is often done to reduce the health issues related to the parent pooch. Dachshunds face many problems with their back because of the long spinal cord with short legs.

    The Jack Russell terrier faces hair loss problems because of the long hair. The crossbreed reduces health issues to a vast extent making it a better option for pet lovers.

    Summary of the Jackshund

    The Dachshund cross Jack Russell terrier is a specialized breed used by hunters. They have great capabilities to smell and track down animals and even give a fight back to them in case of attack.

    Even though a Jackshund has all the characteristics of a fighter dog, this breed is one of the most child friendly. They are a complete bundle of joy when they become familiar with their owners.

    They are always in a mood to play and are also very attentive to their surroundings. They immediately become alert when they see strangers trying to get into the house.

    dachshund jack russel mix

    Ideal Height And Weight of a Jackshund

    A Jackshund’s weight and height depend on genes from both of its parents, but body structure comes from one breed, and facial appearance comes from genes of another.

    The ideal weight of a Dachshund cross Jack Russell mix is between 15-25 pounds, and the ideal height falls between 9-15 inches. 

    Here’s the truth: The dachshund parent influences the body structure of the Jackshund, and hence it has a small sausage-like body. The facial structure is more of a Jack Russell terrier, which makes it a cute and very loveable pooch for people

    Biological Parents of a Dachshund Jack Russell Terrier Mix

    The dachshund Jack Russell terrier mix or the Jackshund is an outcome of crossbreeding between the two purebreds, the Dachshund and Jack Russell terrier.

    Both the parent breeds were companions of hunters in the past. Let’s get to know about its parents

    biological parents of jackshund

    Intelligent Dachshund

    Dachshunds are more like a small little kid in your house that is always curious to find out what is going on in the house. They are attention seekers and will always do things to entertain you. Their cuteness is irresistible, and you will love to indulge in their activities.

    In the 15th century AD, this breed came into existence somewhere in Germany. The dachshunds were extremely famous because of their capabilities of hunting down prey like rabbits and digging down deep burrows.

    Back then, it was easy to find them in different sizes, and it was easy to find the perfect one for a specific purpose. In modern times, this breed is quite famous in the USA because of its sausage-like appearance and playful nature.

    The ideal weight of a dachshund is between 16 to 32 pounds. The miniature versions of dachshunds are healthy if they weigh around 11 pounds or lower. But, a standard-size healthy dachshund should weigh at least 16 pounds.

    Fierce & Confident Jack Russel

    Jack Russel Terriers have a very active and attention-seeking personality. Just like every other hunting dog, the Jack Russell Terrier is a bold, active, and very responsive dog breed that loves to engage in fun activities. They are very confident when they have to fight and hunt down prey like foxes.

    The bloodline history of Jack Russell began in the UK, but they were properly developed in Australia. The Australian Club of Jack Russell Terriers got established in 1972. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) gave official recognition to the breed in the year 2001.

    The name Jack Russell terrier comes from the name of an avid fox hunter, Reverend John Jack Russell, who was famous for breeding hunting canines in England back in the mid 18nth century.

    After the death of the Reverend, the breed evolved about three times in history. The jack Russell terrier is the latest offshoot of the original reverend original terrier breed.

    According to the official standards, the ideal height of a Jack Russell terrier at the withers must be between 10 inches to 12 inches. The ideal weight will vary between 5 kilograms to 6 kilograms as every 5 cm in height should correspond to every 1 kilogram of weight.

    Why Jackshunds are Not for Everyone

    The Dachshund Jack Russell Terrier mix breed is unique and friendly. These dogs love to socialize, play, and be closely looked after by their guardians. In the 21st century, everyone is sought of occupied with their own lives, and having this mix breed dog can be tough because of the following reasons:

    Cannot be Alone for Too Long

    Dachshunds are a combination of two attention-seeking purebreds, the Dachshund and a jack Russell terrier. This mixed breed canine finds it difficult to live all alone without anyone indulging in fun activities with them.

    They always want to be around humans or another pooch with which they can easily play and have fun.

    Regular Exercise and Walks are a Must

    The Jackshund weenie needs at least 30 minutes to 45 minutes of exercise daily, along with playing with a ball or sticks. Nowadays, people are pretty much occupied with their chaos and don’t have time to play and exercise with their pooch.

    In such conditions, a Jackshund usually falls sick because of no exertion with the body.

    But here’s the kickerA Jackshund should never do any exercising activity just before and after a meal. They should also be very calm at the time of eating food. Otherwise, this can cause Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV).

    Getting Poisoned By a Rodent

    The mixing of two purebreds capable of hunting down their prey can make your canine hunt down little rodents in your house. This can be very hazardous as the rodent might have consumed poison which has made its body numb. Your canine can consume that poison and absorb the lethal dose.

    Here is how to deal with this:

    “My Jack Russell dachshund mix kills every single mouse in the house. I started to worry about this and consulted the vet about this. On his suggestion, I started making trade deals with my Jackshund to avoid the hunts. Over time he stopped killing and eating the rodents and other animals”- Terry Dinerman (Public Health Officer)

    Need for Regular Grooming Sessions

    To keep your Jackshund’s coat fresh, you need to give proper care. The type of coat differs from every other Jack Russell dachshund mix, and it can be short, long, curly, and tangled like wire.

    In the case of short hair, the need to regularly brush the coat gets eliminated. If the hair coat is long or wiry, you need to brush it regularly and even have to visit a groomer once in a while.

    Because of these reasons, many people with their first dog experience with a Jackshund leave them at the adoption centers after some time. We always request our readers to avoid leaving this affectionate breed in such places because of their inability to fight loneliness.

    Qualities That Make the Dachshund Jack Russell Terrier Mix a Perfect Choice

    There are several factors and qualities of a Jackshund that overshadow the reasons telling you to be cautious while buying this crossbreed canine. The factors other than cuteness are as follows:

    Becomes Little Children Friends Very Quick

    The Jack Russell terrier dachshund mix mingles with the kids in a blink of an eye. Gideon, an eleven-year-old kid, runs a Twitter handle named “I’ve Pet That Dog,” where he tweets about various dogs that he comes across.

    In one of his tweets, he told his audience about the friendly nature of the dachshund Jack Russell terrier mix he came across. Here is his tweet:

    dachshund jack russel terrier mix tweet

    Never Lets You Feel Alone

    Having a Jackshund in your home is nothing less than having a person who always keeps you entertained with his funny, entertaining activities.

    Some doctors even recommend people suffering from depression and anxiety disorders have a Jackshand canine in their house. They always show their involvement in every activity that is going on around them.

    Can Detect Any Unusual Activity Going Around

    These canines are very attentive to their surroundings and can detect danger within a few seconds. Their genetic capabilities to smell and track down anything make them a perfect detective pooch.

    They can easily see a stranger or prey from a distance and alert you about their approach.

    Strong Ability to Fight Back

    Though the Jackshund weenies are one of the smallest canines, they show extreme power in case of dog fights. This is because these canines are extremely stubborn and aggressive when they feel themselves in danger.

    They are pretty confident and can fight back big large-sized canines without giving another thought about it. They even give a tough fight to strangers and burglars trying to harm their guardians.

    Last Words

    In this blog, we discussed everything in detail in a simple way to help to know more about Jackshund breed canines.

    Now that you have complete information about their nature, characteristics, abilities, and biological mix, you can make a wise decision.

    A decision as to whether or not to go with a dachshund Jack Russell terrier mix and, if yes, then how to maintain their mental and physical health. We hope you found this blog about this unique breed useful. If you did – please give a comment down below about any suggestions for taking care of them.

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