Can Mini Dachshunds Swim

Can Mini Dachshunds Swim? (Best Ways To Teach Them How To Swim)

Do you love to hit the beach year-round, or do you love to stay at the pool during summer?

You might want your mini dachshund dog to accompany you, but you’re scared. Can Mini Dachshunds Swim? Let’s find out, shall we?

Miniature Dachshunds: Can They Swim?

While a considerable percentage of these dogs don’t like water, some of them love to swim. Some of them may naturally like to swim, while others may have been taught to like it.

Overall, swimming is an excellent exercise for all dogs. For Mini Dachshunds, it’s a required safety skill if they want to participate in any water-related activity. Why? It’s because pools and other water bodies can be hazardous for your dog if they don’t know how to swim.

To prevent this danger, you should teach your pup the basics of swimming. You see, Mini Dachshunds often naturally swim, and they can also be taught. However, just because they can swim doesn’t mean they want to.

Generally speaking, Mini Dachshund isn’t the type of breed that tends to run into the pool when he sees one. You can teach your Mini dapple Dachshund how to swim, but they can not be considered strong swimmers compared to other dogs.

They are generally recognized for their long bodies and very short legs. Due to their anatomy and physiology? They are not entirely good swimmers. Hence it would help if you took great care when taking your pup anywhere near water.

Their short legs make it very hard to stay buoyant in the water. Keeping their head above water is also challenging as they cannot paddle effectively. It’s pretty exhausting for them. We’ll be talking more about this in the next section.

Is it Safe for Mini Dachshunds to Swim?

It’s safe to conclude that your Mini Dachshund would prefer chasing rodents over staying in water most of the time. Many Mini Dachshunds battle with wet dog syndrome, an extreme allergy to water.

dachshund cute eyes

Now the wet dog syndrome is not a severe medical condition. Yet, it may cause significant problems in your dog’s daily life. This syndrome occurs when your dog’s tummy gets wet or cold. As a result, it causes them to stand still or walk at a slow pace.

Mini Dachshunds experiencing this syndrome may refuse to go outside and potty when it’s raining. So, they do it in the house! Some are even scared of going out for walks when it’s raining. Their tummies are much closer to the ground, and rainwater can upset them.

If your Mini Dachshund has experienced this wet dog syndrome, there’s a probability that they won’t love to swim. Notwithstanding, they can still be taught. This should be for safety reasons, though.

The Dachshund’s Hunting Background

Dachshunds were originally bred for badger hunting. For this reason, their physical traits have been fashioned or fitted for this job. The badgers they hunt live on land and have their shelters in the soil.

So there was no need to install swimming qualities into these dogs. They didn’t have to be in the water to get their prey. This ‘swimming’ characteristic wasn’t bred into them. Nonetheless, they’re capable of swimming when taught.

Short Legs

As we stated earlier, the legs of the Mini Dachshund are very short and stubby. It’s termed dwarfism in dogs, according to the National Institute of Health.  

You should know that you can not swim through the water with short legs. However, this doesn’t mean that all dogs with tiny legs can’t swim. For example, the Welsh Corgi has short legs but powerful thighs. As a result, they can easily swim in the pool.

Unfortunately, the story isn’t the same for Mini Dachshunds. Combined with their small thighs, they don’t have all it takes to swim in water for a long time. So the next time you see you’re trying your best to stay afloat, don’t overwork them. Give them some time to rest.

Long Bodies

Mini Dachshunds are unethically called “sausage dogs” for a reason. They have long bodies that are not equal to their unusually short legs. But does their long body affect their swimming ability?

Combined with their short legs, the height of the Mini Dachshund is small. In water, Mini Dachshunds are much closer to water too. As a result, they always have to keep their head upward, making it difficult to swim.

Does The Mini Dachshund’s Size Matter?

We generally have three types of Dachshund: the short-haired (smooth coat), the longhaired, and the wire-haired.

dachshund in the beach

In America, Dachshunds can be divided into two major categories in terms of size: the Standard Dachshund and the Mini Dachshund. Now, does it affect the doxie’s swimming ability? No.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter your dog’s size or type of coat. All Dachshunds prefer land over water. Indeed, these dogs are smart, intelligent, and usually very courageous – but not when it comes to water.

Teach Your Mini Dachshund How To Swim

Get this: Dachshunds will never be good enough in terms of swimming. Before you train them, you need to consider where you will teach them.


Ocean currents are powerful and turbulent waves can be very dangerous for your dog. Even the best flotation jackets or the strongest leash might not help when they hear the sound of the waves.

Don’t teach them how to swim in the ocean to avoid any possible disaster. Avoid the sea even if you know your Mini Dachshund is a good swimmer.

Ponds & Lakes

These lentic water bodies should not be used as a training ground for your Mini Dachshund. Ponds and lakes are as dangerous as the ocean. Ponds and lakes often contain bacteria and pesticides that can harm your dog.

These little organisms and toxins can result in stomach upsets and irritations that can be difficult to treat. Like the ocean, don’t allow your Mini Dachshund to swim in those places.

Swimming Pools

The swimming pool is still one of the best options for dog owners wanting to train their Mini Dachshund. With a swimming pool, you can slowly introduce your Weiner into the marine environment.

To ensure that they are safe, make sure you stay close while keeping your dog in a calm state. In that way, you can quickly react if anything goes wrong.

Now, you may not like Chlorine content in swimming pools. But, you can agree with me that it’s much safer than putting your baby in a place full of bacteria and toxins.

Safety Tips To Adhere Before Teaching Your Mini Dachshund To Swim

Before introducing your Mini Dachshund into the water, here are two safety measures you should take:

Have A Ramp

One of the reasons why dogs drown is because they don’t know how to get out of the pool. The sides of the collection may be too steep or slippery. And in the case of Dachshunds, their legs are too short to keep them from danger.

Getting a dog ramp will significantly reduce the risk of your dog drowning. You can buy one or make one yourself.

Some dog ramps were designed for swimming pools, which are expensive. So, to Minimize cost, you should make your own. It’s not that hard to make. You can go on YouTube and see some of the most inexpensive ways to make a dog ramp.

Get A Life Jacket

A life jacket should be one of your most essential accessories as a dog owner. For life jackets, you should go for the quality. You don’t have to consider the price. Here are a few things to look out for before buying one:

  • The life vest should have enough flotation to keep your Dachshund above water level.
  • It should also have a solid handle between the shoulder blades. That way, you can easily lift your Mini Dachshund in an emergency. 
  • They are highly cushioned to support your dog. The straps on the life jacket should be padded. It’s to ensure that they won’t cut into the skin.
  • Choose the right size for your dog.  

It’s also crucial that your Sausage dog gets used to wearing the life jacket before entering the pool. If they’re being resistant, you can slowly introduce it to them. 

You can put it on them for a few minutes on the first day and gradually increase the time frame. They should get used to it within a week or two.

Also, it would help if you practiced lifting your puppy with a solid handle between the shoulder boulders. In that way, your dog will be familiar with its movement. They won’t be surprised or startled when you do it in the pool. 

And finally, just like all training programs, it takes patience to see results. Also, try and have a reward system. Hopefully, your dog will get to love swimming in the end.

Best Way To Teach Your Mini Dachshund How To Swim

dachshund in bathtub

So, we’re finally here. By now, you should have your ramp in place, and your Mini Dachshund is already on their life jacket. Now, it’s time to dive in.

First and foremost, you must select when you and your dog can be alone in the pool. Secondly, move to the pool’s shallow end with your dog’s favorite treat or toy. Honestly, this method does not always work, but it’s still worth a try.

After you’ve done everything you can with this method, and your Dachshund is still proving difficult, try these methods instead:

First Method

Gently carry your Dachshund in your arms to the first step in the shallow end. If they panic, get out of the pool and try again after a few minutes.

Keep stepping in and out of the pool until they are assured that nothing wrong can happen to them when they enter the pool.

Second Method

Sit on the first step of the pool and slowly lower the Mini Dachshund’s paws into the water. Make sure you stop if you notice signs of panic. Just hold them in your arms and try again after some minutes.

Please continue to lift and lower your Dachshund’s legs in the water until they get used to it. Now, if your canine is fearful, you may not be able to achieve this in one day. Just be patient and continue to try this method for days.

It’s essential that during this period, shower your dog with lots of praise and some good traits too. They should also see you enjoying yourself in the water. Keep doing this, and in time, you’ll notice that your Mini Dachshund will start paddling. This is a good sign.

What You Shouldn’t Do

  • Never throw your Mini Dachshund into the pool. The sink-or-swim method will never work. Instead, they may develop a permanent phobia of water.
  • Please don’t force them to swim. It’s a safety requirement, not a punishment.
  • In case of injuries, ensure their wounds heal before starting swimming lessons. 
  • Mini Dachshunds should not be left in the pool without supervision.

Teach Them How To Get Out Of The Pool

This is very simple. Just guide your Mini Dachshund to where the ramp is located and teach them how to get on it and onto dry land. You can use treats if they are very stubborn.

In time, swimming will become second nature to them. Eventually, they’ll start using the ramp to step into the pool.

What To Do After Swimming

dachshund on the beach

After swimming you should do the following:

  • Rinse your Mini Dachshund with a hosepipe, or you could bathe them after swimming. Chlorine content and other chemicals may irritate the skin if it’s not rinsed properly.
  • Ensure you dry your baby’s ears with a soft towel. These dogs are prone to ear infections, and they may get one if there’s still water left in their ears. 

Final Words

If you’ve followed this guide to the end, you won’t have any issues with training your Mini Dachshund how to swim. Although they may not be natural-born swimmers, they can be taught to learn and love this sport.

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