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Why Do Dachshunds Lick Their Paws? (And Other Surfaces In The House)

Why do Dachshunds lick their paws all the time? This may be related to their health conditions, personality, grooming methods, or a force of habit.

Be it their paws, your skin, furniture, or floors, Dachshunds are very incessant lickers and lick people, and sometimes it may get out of hand.

As Dachshund parents, you may find specific patterns in their licking. When you see a pattern, form your own report before your next doctor’s visit, and stay calm because you are the parent.

The Dachshunds are a breed of hound dogs, so they are persistent and pick up only 50% of the commands given or taught to themselves. So if you are thinking of training your dog not to lick surfaces, it might take a while.

So, in this article, you will learn why Dachshunds lick their paws.

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    Why Do Dachshunds Lick Their Paws 

    As stated earlier, the reasons might be related to their health and personality or might just be a force of habit. Here are some common reasons why your Dachshund might lick their paws:

    1. For Attention

    Dachshunds are very loyal dogs. They loved being in the family’s spotlight and enjoy the attention a little too much.

    For whatever reason, if Dachshunds are not getting the regular attention that they used to get from the parents or even other members of the house, they go into an attention-seeking mode. They will make sure they make themselves get noticed in your eyes. To get noticed by you, they could do things out of the ordinary.

    Among those attention-grabbing tactics is paw licking. Dachshund might also revert to licking you, any floor that he seems worthy of licking, and even furniture when they feel boredom.

    So if your pet Dachshund did not lick his paws before and started licking them all of a sudden, it is a sign for you to stop everything for a minute and give all your love, affection, and care to your Dachshund baby.

    2. Force of Habit 

    It might seem very easy, but some Dachshunds lick their paws merely out of habit. But now the question comes, where would a Dachshund pick up the habit of licking?

    Dachshunds can pick up habits from their fellow dogs at the daycare center, from the passing animals on the roads, or simply from a youtube video they saw some weeks ago. The cognitive abilities of a Dachshund are not very strong or predictable, so it might be difficult for you to pinpoint exactly what causes the reaction of licking in your pup.

    In domestic animals, the act of picking up a habit and getting over that same habit is a game of time. If there are chances that your Dachshund picked up the habit of licking, there are chances that he will forget and get on to a new habit in no time.

    3. Scared and Afraid 

    One of the common reasons behind Dachshund linking their paws is that he may be feeling stressed, scared, and afraid. Although a Dachshund is of hound breed, being scared, afraid, and having anxiety is only natural for all animal breeds.

    dachshund on couch

    A Dachshund can be scared of a new pet in the house that he is not yet familiar with, a new family member that does not give him good vibes, weather that he doesn’t like, or simply because the Dachshund ruined something valuable in the house.

    There can be various reasons for him to feel this way. While there is no way to find out exactly what’s causing fear in him, you can offer him comfort, warmth, and his favorite treats to make him feel happy.

    4. Nausea and Upset Tummy 

    Dachshunds love to play in the garden. Their all-time favorite activity is digging out the buried treasures in the soil. While this activity makes them active and playful, it might be causing them nausea.

    There is a lot of bacteria in the soil that clings to their paws. When they lick their paws, the bacteria can find their way into their tummies and cause infection.

    To counter the feeling of nausea and an upset tummy, a Dachshund might lick his paws to give himself comfort. This might go round and round in a circle before you finally realize what is going on.

    You cannot stop a Dachshund from playing in the garden or from being a treasure hunter. What you can do is that you can wash, clean, and disinfect his paw pads after a run in the garden.

    This will ensure that no unwanted bacteria goes into his little tummy and does not cause any stress on his immune system, which might trigger a physical response.

    5. Skin Allergies 

    Parasites and mites are the main reason for skin allergies in Dachshunds. These might also be the reason for the constant licking of paws and other body parts.

    What happens is when a dog gets an allergy of any sort, it may be visible to you, or it may be below their hair and hardly visible. If you have no clue about it, the Dachshund will start licking the part in order to get rid of the itch.

    The most common areas for infection and allergies in a Dachshund are his ears, the area around the mouth, his paws, and his belly. Make sure to periodically check all of these areas to ensure an allergy and itch-free pup.

    What Can You Do To Lessen The Licking?

    So, what are some of the solutions for the licking, other than bringing your Dachshund attention and comfort?

    1. See A Vet

    Seeing a vet might be more helpful than you think. The vet will not only make sure that your pup is healthy but can also list any possible allergies and red points for you to look out for.

    dachshund with vet

    Going for a pet visit with your Dachshund should be a monthly routine. This will ensure not only the safety of your pet but also of you and your family.

    Tell the vet about the dog’s licking habits and also present any patterns that you found around his activities. Any and all information would serve as of importance at the clinic.

    2. Get a Chew Toy

    The most fun and effective way to get a Dachshund to stop licking his paws is to get him something else to lick, like a toy. Dogs lick paws, dogs lick people, and dogs love to lick and bite a squeaky, soft toy that is colorful.

    Head over to your nearest Target or Walmart and get a funky-looking toy for your Dachshund or make him pick one. This will bring a sense of ownership to your dog and make him want to pick up new habits like chewing on his toy.

    3. Stop Acknowledging The Licking

    The last suggestion that we have for you is to stop acknowledging his licking. Most parents would give the dog his favorite treat in order for it to stop licking his paws and concentrate on something else.

    This triggers a sense of action and reward in the Dachshund. Next time they want a treat, they know all they have to do is start licking their paws, and viola, a treat. So if you stop acknowledging their licking and rewarding them for it, they will revert to their common and normal habits in no time.

    Make sure that you have first crossed out all the possible reasons for the licking and then ignore this habit because you don’t want to ignore an underlying health condition that might get worst with time.

    Final Words

    We have gathered and learned a lot about why Dachshunds lick their paws. Pay attention to your dog and his habits because they are smarter than we think.

    Their licking can be a reaction to some underlying health condition, a cognitive problem, or a force of habit. Certain tactics can reduce or fully stop the licking in time.

    Going to a vet, keeping his surroundings and his body clean, and his emotional balance in check is important for the Dachshund to be healthy and playful. So don’t miss out on these points.

    In the end, it is your Dachshund. Make sure you love him right despite his silly habits because he will love you despite your silly habits.

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