how to trim a dachshund's nails

How to Trim a Dachshund’s Nails [What Worked For Me]

Dogs are an amazing part of families, and if you own Dachshund, then you know the joy and happiness that comes from owning one. However, sometimes we must ask ourselves questions about the small responsibilities often overlooked when bringing a dog into our lives. Should you be trimming your Dachsunds nails?

Yes. Small things like trimming your Dachshund’s nails can make a difference in the quality of life for your four-legged friend. With proper patience and training, you’ll be trimming your dog’s nails in no time. First, you must consider using the right tools, checking their nails for matted hair or dirt, and finding the proper position to reassure your Dachshund is vital.  

Read on to find out how to trim your dachshund’s nails and the benefits of doing so. Also, what tools to use, how often you should do it, how long the nails should be, and what to do if you accidentally cut into the quick.

Let’s dive in.

How To Trim A Dachshubnd’s Nails?

To cut your dachshund’s nails, use the right tools, and choose a time when your Dachshund is calm. Check your Dachshund’s paws over for matting, dirt, and debris. Reassure your dachshund, distract them with a treat and then trim the nails at a 45-degree angle, being very careful not to cut into the quick, which can be painful to your Dachshund.

The Right Cutting Tools

It is your preference whether you use scissor-type clippers or a nail grinder. However, investing in a pair of nail trimmers is always a good choice because it is a long-term investment. Plus, finding the right tool makes the job easier. 

Scissors Or Grinders

Scissor-type nail clippers can avoid the discomfort that some guillotine clippers can cause with their crushing action. They can be fast-acting and also less rigorous than the use of a grinder. Remember, you MUST be careful. 

Grinders can be great, too, but they might take your Dachshund or any other dog a little more time to get used to. After all, nail grinding takes longer than scissor clipping. Since grinders give you more control, allowing you to trim more deliberately, so you don’t accidentally cut into the quick. 

The vibration and noise of the grinder could also put stress on your Dachshund and, in turn, scare them off, making the experience traumatic for them. If you push down too hard or stay on your dachshund’s nail for more than a second, it’ll get too hot and burn.

Heat is one of the biggest dangers when using a nail grinder. This is why patience is vital as you introduce them to this new process, going from nail to nail as swiftly and gently as possible.

If your dog is a long-haired Dachshund, make sure to move its hair out of the way.

Check Your Dachsunds Nails

Checking to ensure your Dachshund has no matting, debris, or dirt between its paws will make your job easier. If not, bathing them and cutting their nails during their cleaning session might just be the best option for you. 

Reassure Your Dachshund

Give your Dachshund a treat and pawtastic experience. Take a moment to make sure your Dachsund is calm, and you are doing your best by stroking them to show comfort. 

If they are not complying, it is best to back off for a bit because the next time you try could be harder to maintain their calm. 

Finding The Right Position

You are going to want to find the right position by holding your Dachshund’s or Dachshund’s paw firmly, cutting at a 45-degree angle. 

Finding the best position on how to hold your Dachshund can vary, and it is up to the owner to best position him or herself in the most comfortable position for them.  

Trim Your Dachsund’s Nails

Once in the best position, holding your Dachshund’s paw at a 45-degree angle, you should trim until you see white inside the nail and a small black dot in the center, making sure you don’t cut too far into the quick.

If you cut into the quick, don’t panic. The quick is the vein and nerve that runs down each nail, and sometimes it is hard to define or see the outline of black nails. Remember, accidents happen. So, make sure you have something to stop the bleeding, with that being a styptic pen or powder. 

Benefits Of Trimming Your Dachshunds Nails

Preventing Pain

Over recent years, veterinarians and dog owners have discovered more and more information about how a dog’s nail length can affect its health. One of the major ailments that Dachshunds can suffer from is back issues, with about 25% of Dachshunds developing some kind of back issue in their lifetime. These problems can be exacerbated by also having to deal with walking on overgrown nails. 

Nails that are too long force the Dachshund to walk on their paws incorrectly. Eventually leads to increased pressure on their joints and ultimately causes back pain after prolonged periods. This is highly preventable, though; keeping Dachshund’s nails trimmed regularly is key to preventing any unnecessary back discomfort in your pup.


Like Humans, dogs benefit greatly from healthy hygiene and regular maintenance. Keeping your Dachshunds’ nails trimmed and clean can help prevent any build-up of dirt in and around the paw and also prevent any bacterial infections from ingrowing. 


Other than immediate health concerns, leaving your Dachshund’s nails long is also very uncomfortable for them. If nails aren’t trimmed properly for an extended period of time, the dog’s nails can overgrow, and curl back into the paw, eventually making contact and possibly puncturing it. Walking on these ingrown nails can be very uncomfortable for your dog and are preventable by regular nail trimming upkeep to ensure your dog can walk around comfortably and happily. 


Another concern surrounding a dog’s nail length is safety: to itself and to others. Long nails can scratch you or other dogs during playtime or get caught on various different things around your home. These situations can lead to injury for either your Dachshund, their favorite playmate, or even their favorite Human

When To Trim Dachshund’s Nails?

When and how often to trim your dachshund’s nails vary from dog to dog and really depends on the length of the nails themselves. Hearing a loud clicking noise as your Dachshund walks is usually a sign that your dog’s nails are ready for a trim (although a slight tapping sound as they walk is sometimes unpreventable). 

Paying attention to your dog’s behavior can also give you clues as to when their nails are due for a cutting, such as observing them licking or biting at their paws more often. This can be a sign of foot discomfort and will alert you to your dog’s needs. 

What To Do If Your Dachshund Is Aggressive?

Dealing with a dog that gets stressed out or aggressive during nail cutting can make it very difficult to do successfully and safely trim their nails. 

To make the experience a more comfortable one, try doing things that will get your Dachshund used to being handled for clipping. Hold or play with their paws more often to get them accustomed to being handled in that way. After some time, you can introduce the clippers by simply having them next to you while you play. Having the clippers in the vicinity will help desensitize them clippers as a threat over time. 

After some time desensitizing your dog to the clippers, you may be able to move on to trying to trim them. Start by trimming one nail at a time and observing how your dog reacts. If they are still aggressive, spending more time with the clippers during playtime is needed. If they are fairly calm, it might be time to try another nail! 

It is essential to be patient and understanding when trying to train your dog for nail clipping. Taking it slow and observing your dog’s reactions can be a vital tool in de-escalating aggression during clipping and will help prevent injury to you and your friend.

If you are still having trouble trimming your dog’s nails, it can also be helpful to hire a professional that will be able to handle your dog safely for a nail trimming. There’s nothing wrong with getting outside help to ensure your pup maintains good hygiene! 

Final Tips When Trimming Your Dachshund’s Nails?

  • No, it doesn’t matter whether you use a nail trimmer or a grinder; choose what you are most comfortable using.
  • Be patient, respect your dog’s boundaries and listen to their body language.
  • Make sure you are confident trimming their nails; otherwise, you should seek professional help. 

Final Words

How to trim a Dachsund’s Nails? Simple, with the proper patience and training, you’ll be trimming your dog’s nails in no time. First, you must consider using the right tools, checking their nails for matted hair or dirt, finding the right position to reassure your Dachshund is vital, and finally, trimming their nails.

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