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How To Teach a Dachshund To Lay Down (Universally Accepted Tactics)

You can teach a Dachshund to lay down by using different teaching tactics, taking them in an active and stimulating environment, using a trainer, or just letting them learn on their own. If you are looking for an answer to ‘how to teach a Dachshund to lay down,’ then you have come to the right place. 

Dachshunds can be difficult to train because they are a bit slow in learning and are not as bright as some other dogs. This is why some experts have very negative views on teaching a Dachshund. Just because it is more complicated than usual does not mean it is impossible. 

Dachshunds are extraordinary pets; with a little effort and patience, you can impart discipline and training into their little minds. So please do not be worried, and let’s get to work. 

A Dachshund may be a slower breed of a hound dog, but it has exceptional adaptive skills over time. Use this to enhance learning and the following tricks to make your Dachshund lay down and over on your command. 

In this article, you’ll learn tried and tested ways to teach your Dachshund how to lay down. These tricks can also be used to teach other positions with a little bit of tinkering. Follow along to learn them.

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    3 Ways To Teach a Dachshund To Lay Down

    Here are three tactics to use to teach a Dachshund to lay down or over:

    1. Use a Visual Aid

    This is the easiest method that you can use to teach your Dachshund to lay down or over. For this, use a visual aid to explain to your puppy what he is required to do. You can use a youtube video or the help of a fellow dog to impart information to your Dachshund. 

    This way might take a few tries until your dog gets the hang of it so please be patient. This way will work best in a calm and collective environment, with you explaining and verbally talking to your Dachshund as you go through each step, starting from the command and its effect.  

    Make sure to keep it friendly and stimulating for him. Repeat this twice a day or however often you are comfortable for regular exposure to the aid and the learning process. Try to mimic the aid alone with your Dachshund for the best and quick results. 

    2. Use Treats As Rewards

    Treats are the best way to teach anything to a Dachshund because they trigger a sense of reward in them. If you want your Dachshund to learn something quickly, bribe them with treats and see how fast they know. 

    Choose a command and pair it with an action like laying down with all four legs on the floor. When by any chance, your pet does that, reward them. So the next time you say the command, your Dachshund will act accordingly to get the treat, and your puppy has learned a new trick. 

    Other than teaching commands, treats must be used significantly in daily life if you have a Dachshund. They are stubborn pets, and being rewarded only softens them up. So make sure to get a lot of treats for your dog that he can eat many times a day. This should be fine for your Dachshund. 

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    3. Make a Bridge

    This is another stimulating way of teaching your Dachshund to lie down. Form a bridge with your legs and signal your puppy to go under and through.

    This process will work best with Dachshunds who have not just started learning commands. 

    It may seem a little complicated, but once you and your Dachshund get the hang of it, it will be a piece of cake.

    This way, you can even incorporate another family member or other adult pets who can show and encourage the Dachshund to lay down and then crawl to the other side from under.

    What Will You Need To Teach a Dachshund To Lay Down?

    The following are the things required to teach a Dachshund to lay down:

    • Treats
    • Patience
    • Time
    • Your body to make a bridge

    Treats will be rewarding for your Dachshund and they will generate a sense of accomplishment, which will aid in the learning process.

    Reward the more minor accomplishments before you move on to the bigger ones. This will create a solid trustful bond between you and your dog, which is priceless. 

    Patience and time are of utmost necessity while teaching any animal anything, so ensure you have plenty of it. If you don’t have a lot of patience and time to spare, ask for help from a trainer or a family member. 

    The mirroring activity will visually explain what you want it to do to your puppy. This will stimulate his brain and will be very beneficial in the training process as a whole. 

    You have got this! If you become a Dachshund parent, you will learn to help them too. 

    What Is the Best Time To Teach Your Dachshund To Lay Down?

    The best time to teach a Dachshund to lay down is after he has been potty trained and learned the sitting command. 

    Lying down is secondary to sitting; your puppy would be in the best condition to learn it after he has mastered the command to sit. 

    A Dachshund is considered sitting when its front two legs are straight, and the other two legs are bent and on the floor. Similarly, it is regarded as lying down when all four of his legs are bent and touching the ground. So if your Dachshund has learned how to sit on the command, your job is half done. 

    If you try teaching your Dachshund to lie down before sitting, you might want to reconsider and make different choices because it will take you longer to prepare and be more challenging for him. 

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    Dos and Don’t While Training a Dachshund To Lay Down

    Here we list some of the main dos and don’ts of training a Dachshund to lay down or over: 


    • Be patient
    • Keep a lot of treats on hand
    • Make their little accomplishments a big deal 
    • Train and exercise the commands regularly
    • Make it fun for them
    • Incorporate yourself in the exercises for quick learning 


    • Speak in a loud and angry voice 
    • Use bad words or curse them 
    • Physically push their backs to lay down or over 
    • Start training them if you cannot finish it

    Whatever you do, be kind and patient with them. They will learn to lie down eventually. Make sure to practice regularly for maximum effectiveness and quick learning. 

    If none of those mentioned above tactics and tricks work for you and your Dachshund, make sure to pay a visit to your vet or hire a dog trainer. The vet will make sure that everything is sound with your Dachshund cognitively, and the trainer can train your puppy professionally, saving you time and effort. 


    Conclusively, teaching a Dachshund to lay down is easy, given the right amount of patience and tactics. You can do a fantastic job teaching your Dachshund to lie down after he has already learned how to sit and has had adequate potty training. 

    Make sure to be a part of its learning process and reward his accomplishments because this will form a lasting and rewarding relationship between you and your Dachshund.

    We have covered a lot of ground in this article regarding the tactics, dos and don’ts, and requirements of teaching a Dachshund how to lay down. 

    We only hope that it was helpful for you and had a good time reading it. In the end, we wish you a happy training with your Dachshund. 

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