Do Male and Female Dachshunds Get Along? [What You Must Know]

Are you a Dachshund lover who’s considering adding another furry friend to your family? Or you may already have a male or female Dachshund and wonder if they’ll get along with a new companion. 

Whatever your situation may be, the question of Dachshund compatibility deserves attention. After all, you want your pups to coexist and thrive together! But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

So let’s dive in to learn more.

Do Male and Female Dachshunds Get Along?

When it comes to dachshunds, male and female dogs can generally get along well with each other. However, just like with any other dog breed, there are certain factors to consider when introducing two dachshunds of different genders to each other.

One important consideration is the personalities of the individual dogs. Some dogs may be more dominant or territorial, while others may be more submissive or laid-back. 

Another factor to consider is the age and maturity of the dogs. Puppies may be more energetic and rambunctious, while older dogs may be more set in their ways.

Proper introduction techniques, such as slowly introducing the dogs in a neutral location and supervising their interactions, can also help ensure a positive relationship between male and female dachshunds. 

Additionally, addressing any behavior or health issues that arise promptly can help prevent conflicts and promote a happy coexistence between the two dogs.

Factors That Affect Dachshund Compatibility 

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Breed Characteristics

Dachshunds, despite their generally friendly demeanor, can exhibit some territorial tendencies. While they enjoy human company and socializing with other dogs, they can also become jealous or aggressive towards dogs of the same sex. 

This is particularly true for male Dachshunds, who tend to be more dominant.

As a result, when introducing Dachshunds, it may be less complicated to pair a male with a female rather than two males or two females. 

This approach can minimize potential conflicts and create a more harmonious living situation for your canine companions.

Personality Traits

Dachshunds! Each one has its unique personality, no matter if they’re male or female. You’ll find some being the bossy type, while others are more chill and easy-going.

When it’s time to introduce a boy and a girl Dachshund, it’s super important to think about their personalities and check for those compatibility sparks before welcoming a new furry family member.

Keep an eye out for signs they’ll get along, like having similar energy levels, playing nicely together, and being friendly rather than aggressive towards each other. 


Socialisation is key when introducing a new dachshund to your household, regardless of their gender. 

Properly introducing the dogs to a neutral location and supervising their interactions can help prevent conflicts and establish a positive relationship between the two dogs. 

It’s also important to continue socializing the dogs after the initial introduction to help them bond and become comfortable with each other. This can include taking them on walks, engaging in playtime, and spending time with them as a group.

Age and Health

Age and health can also affect dachshund compatibility. Puppies may be more energetic and rambunctious, while older dogs may be more set in their ways. 

It’s essential to consider the age and health of both dogs before introducing them to each other to ensure a smooth introduction and prevent any potential health issues from arising. 

For example, suppose one dog has health issues that may impact its ability to play or interact with other dogs. In that case, it’s essential to consider this when introducing them to a new dog.

Male Dachshund vs Female Dachshund

Male Dachshund Characteristics

Male Dachshunds are often more territorial than females, especially with other male dogs. But they sure are fun! They’re energetic and love playing games like fetch or tug-of-war.

Training them might take a bit more patience than training female doxies. But don’t worry! With some extra love and time, your male Dachshund will learn house training and obedience skills. And remember, enjoying the journey is what matters most!

Female Dachshund Characteristics

Female dachshunds tend to be more independent and less dominant than males. They are generally more affectionate towards their owners and tend to be more protective of their families. 

Female dachshunds can be easier to train than males and may respond better to positive reinforcement training methods. 

They also tend to be more low-key and enjoy spending time relaxing with their owners.

Pros and Cons of Keeping male and Female Dachshunds Together 

Pros of Keeping Male and Female Dachshunds TogetherCons of Keeping Male and Female Dachshunds Together
1. Companionship: Having two dogs can provide each other with constant companionship and reduce loneliness.1. Unplanned Litters: If male and female Dachshunds are not spayed or neutered, they can produce unplanned litters.
2. Balanced Energy: Male and female dogs tend to have different energy levels and personalities, which can complement each other and create a balanced dynamic in the household.2. Aggression: Male and female dogs can become aggressive towards each other, especially during mating season. This can lead to fights and injuries.
3. Enhanced Socialization: Keeping male and female Dachshunds together can improve their socialization skills with other dogs and people.3. Dominance Issues: Male and female dogs may compete for domestic dominance, leading to conflicts and tension.
4. Training: Training two dogs together can be more efficient than training a single dog, as they can learn from each other’s behavior.4. Health Risks: If male and female Dachshunds are not spayed or neutered, they may be at risk of developing reproductive health issues such as infections or cancers.
5. Protection: Having two dogs in the household can provide additional security and protection for the family.5. Space: Keeping two dogs in a smaller space may be challenging and can lead to territorial behavior and conflicts.

Tips for Introducing Male and Female Dachshunds to Each Other

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, it’s essential to remember that each dog is an individual with a unique personality. 

While we can make general observations about male and female Dachshunds, your experience may differ. 

So, let’s look at some steps to smoothen the process of introducing your doxies!

Separate Living Space

dachshund sleeping

First off, it’s crucial to provide each Dachshund with a separate living space, at least initially. 

This setup allows them to feel secure and have a private retreat when needed. You could set up separate crates or beds in different rooms, ensuring they have food and water bowls. 

This step will allow them to acclimate to the new living situation without feeling overwhelmed. 

Neutral Meeting Place

Next up, find a neutral meeting place for the initial introduction. This could be a park, a friend’s backyard, or any other area where neither dog has established a territory. 

By choosing a neutral location, you can minimize the chances of territorial disputes and help your dogs feel more at ease when they first meet. Keep both dogs on leashes for better control during this crucial encounter.

Super Vision and Patience

Dogs may not immediately become best friends, and that’s perfectly normal. It’s essential to closely monitor their body language and behavior to ensure they are comfortable and safe.

During the initial meetings, look for signs of stress or aggression, such as growling, raised hackles, or bared teeth. 

If you notice any of these signals, calmly separate the dogs and give them space to cool off. Remember, it’s crucial to remain patient and not rush the process.


Introducing male and female Dachshund to each other can be a rewarding experience when approached with care, patience, and understanding. 

Remember that each dog is unique, and their personalities significantly determine how well they’ll get along. 

Your dedication to their well-being and happiness will ultimately contribute to a loving and balanced home for your furry friends. 

So, take a deep breath, embrace the journey, and look forward to the joy of having a delightful Dachshund duo!

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