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Do Dachshunds Bark a Lot? (What You Need to Know)

If you are wondering: do Dachshund bark a lot? We are here to tell you that, yes, they do. Dachshunds are no doubt cute little dogs, but sometimes they can bark excessively and can drive you and your neighbors pretty angry. This barking could go up from a few minutes to many hours with aggressive behavior and a relentless attitude. 

Dachshunds are a breed of hound dogs, and even with their little sizes and not-so-scary looks, they do have loud voices and pretty strong vocals.

When they want to, they can use their barking powers to bring your attention to them along with the attention of the entire street or floor. This can, at times, be embarrassing and worrisome.

There can be many reasons behind the excessive barking, and some might not be what you think. It can be natural, psychological, territorial, or health-related. 

In this article, we talk about all the reasons behind their barking, what is the normal rate of barking in Dachshunds, and lastly, what you can do about their barking. So sit tight, and let’s get into the facts:

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    Reasons Dachshunds Bark A Lot

    Here are some common reasons why your Dachshund might be barking a lot:

    Scared and Afraid 

    A most common reason why your Dachshund is barking consistently and excessively is that it is maybe scared and afraid of something around them.

    As Dachshunds are a breed of hound dogs, they are inherently drawn to defend against any offense. It is their nature to sense dangers around them or their parents. 

    The only way that they can warn you or bring your attention to the alleged danger is by barking, which is their signal.

    So when you hear them bark more than usual, go and check up on them and the rest of the family and your house. You might be surprised by how accurate their senses can be, and it may save you something of value to you. 

    However, they can also do this when in front of an animal who is a danger to them. This animal might be the other home pet or a stray in your backyard. 

    The best thing you can do for your Dachshund is to pay attention to the location they are barking in and the time of day. If they bark in the night, make sure your doors and windows are bolted, just to be safe. 


    Dachshunds can get wildly hungry, and this hunger may cause them to become violent and aggressive. In such cases, Dachshunds will bark nonstop if they want food.

    Their aggression would be utmost visible, and the volume of their barking would increase gradually. 

    This can also be the case when they want a treat. As a Dachshund parent, you might know how persistent they can get when they want something out of you.

    If you have the time and energy to ignore their persistent behavior, do that. If not, then feed them their treat and call it a day. 

    dog treats

    Be careful as any bad habit that you do not negate will become permanent, and in the future, your Dachshund will use it to get its way. This would be another problem in your head. 

    Attention Seeking 

    Dachshunds are big attention seekers who are not afraid to show it.

    They cannot stand sharing their parents and toys with other animals. Sharing with their parents would mean sharing their love and care, which is a big problem for the Dachshund. 

    If they see that they are getting less to no attention and that their parents are not around more, they may get separation anxiety, and one of the symptoms of it is excessive and loud barking.

    Depending on the Dachshund and his nature, they will become slow and dull or loud and aggressive. 

    The latter would start barking excessively because it wants to grab any attention it can get. So one of the best ways for him to do that is through barking, loud, excessive, and sometimes shrilling barking that could be heard throughout the street or floor. 

    During such times, please pay attention to your Dachshund. Make it feel welcomed, loved, and cherished. Playing with them and giving them treats can be helpful but make sure they do not form a habit of excessive barking every time they need attention. 

    Hound Behaviour 

    Dachshunds are from the breed of hounds, and hounds are known to be loud barkers. It is in their nature to bark at the slightest inconvenience and bark a lot if it suits them. Even if they are in a happy mood, the hounds might bark just to showcase their happiness.

    The Dachshunds are no different and have great fun barking at the top of their voice. So in some cases, the barking can be attributed to their nature, and they can be given the freedom to express themselves in the most natural way.

    The best thing about this reason is that as a Dachshund parent, you can probably differentiate between a bark out of fun and a bark out of misery. So choose your moments carefully because the rest depends on this. 

    Marking Territory 

    In case some other animals are present in the close vicinity of your Dachshunds, they also bark excessively to mark their ground and announce it to whom it may concern.

    This can be of personal importance to your Dachshund that he marks and shows his territory to the other animals, so make sure to be patient and accommodating to it. 

    Marking territory is a common feature of dogs, and nothing can be done about it. The barking of a Dachshund will subside in some time if it is related to marking and showing his territory. You would only have to sit this one out and see what your puppy is capable of. 

    How Much Barking is Normal?

    There is no specific time or number that can be considered normal barking, but if your Dachshund barks at things that he should not, in your opinion, you can seek help or consider it excessive.

    dachshund howling

    Remember that anything that may seem normal to you might not be to the people around you or your neighbors.

    So be careful and considerate and try to make it a safe and happy place to live for everyone. If your Dachshund is barking every time it needs a snack or food or it wants attention, it can be categorized as excessive barking. 

    Until now, we have discussed all the possible reasons for a Dachshund to bark excessively and what small steps you can take.

    If nothing seemed to work for you and your Dachshund’s excessive and loud barking, then the following tips and tricks will surely do:

    How To Stop Excessive Barking Of a Dachshund?

    If all else fails, we have still got you. Here is what you can do to stop the loud and excessive barking of a Dachshund:

    Personal Training 

    Try to personally train your dog on how it should react in certain situations that will be helpful instead of barking. This tactic can take some practice and much of your time and effort, but in the end, it will be worth it. 

    In this way, your dog can learn to channel and express his emotions in a much healthier way than barking. It can also make him ease down and will surely make him more playful. 

    Seek Professional Help

    A professional dog trainer can help you and your dog in an incredible way. Their years of practice and experience will surely save you your time and effort. So if you do not want to train your dog yourself, get help from a dog trainer. 

    Use a Basket

    Putting your barking Dachshund in a basket will help him stop his barking. The reason behind this is that when your Dachshund is put in a confined space, he feels safe. He does not need to bark to express his fear of something, nor does he needs to defend anyone. 

    So next time you hear the excessive barking, get a basket and try this hack. It will surely help. 

    Last Words

    We have covered a lot of ground in this article regarding the Dachshunds and their barking.

    Dachshunds may bark because of various reasons, which may be that they are scared and afraid, they are hungry, they want attention, they are marking their territory, or just because of their lineage of hound breeds. 

    In such cases, there are various things and hacks that you can do.

    If all else fails, seek professional help and training from a dog trainer, try to train them yourself for some good bonding time, and lastly, consider putting them in a basket to make them feel safe. 

    Remember, there is a solid reason for their barking, and you can always do something. We hope you found this article to be of help and that you had a pleasant read. 

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