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Can You Shave A Long-Haired Dachshund? [Everything You Need to Know]

Have you noticed something different about your Dachshund lately? It may be that dust has been getting stuck in his fur, or maybe he’s just looking duller. If that’s the case, don’t worry. Your little poochie isn’t going through some disease. He just needs some grooming.

So the question stands: Can you shave a long-haired dachshund? Or is it better not to mess with their fur? Fret not because, in this guide, we’ll quench your thirst for curiosity.

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    Should Long-Haired Dachshunds Be Shaved?

    So here’s the deal. You first need to confirm if your Dachshund is single-coated or double-coated. But why does this matter?

    If your Dachshund has double coats, then you’re better off not trying to shave your bud. This is because hair often does not grow back for double-coated dachshunds. This does not mean that they’ll stay bald forever. The hair will eventually grow back, but it may take up to 2 years

    On the other hand, if your Dachshund is a single-coated dog, then you do not need to worry. His hair will start growing back fast, and he’ll be back to his good ol’ self in around three months. 

    While it can vary, most often, long-haired dachshunds have double coats. It is hence, advised not to shave them without doing the proper research. Nevertheless, you can always groom them in a plethora of ways, all of which will ensure that they do not have lasting effects. For instance, you can trim their hair, clip them or just comb them now and then. 

    How Do I Know If My Long-Haired Dachshund Needs Grooming?

    Ah yes, so you’re considering giving your poochie a grooming session, but you’re confused if he even needs it. We’ve all been there. 

    So here’s the deal. Generally, a long-haired dachshund takes around 18 months to get a 6-inch long coat. However, this does not mean that you need to groom them only after that. 

    These dogs have seasonal shedding, and as their hair grows longer, insects, lice, and dirt can inhabit the hair. Unless you want your Dachshund’s fur to be a breeding ground for diseases, it’s better to give it a grooming session every few days. 

    A good way to keep an eye on hair growth is by looking at their ears. If the hair is covering their ears by a margin, then it’s probably better to either trim or get to grooming.

    How To Groom A Long-Haired Dachshund?

    Grooming a long-haired dachshund can be a pain in the backside to deal with. However, it also heavily depends on the kind of grooming you’re doing. If you groom your Dachshund every other day, then you’d not have a lot to worry about ever. On the contrary, if you’re doing it once a month, then it may take you a while.

    To start, you’ll first need some materials. Essentially, you’ll need:

    • Hair Clips
    • Fine Toothed Comb
    • Slicker Brush
    • Towel
    • Cotton Balls
    • Shampoo
    • Scissors
    • Cloth
    • Blow Dryer
    • Lice/Flea Comb

    Arrange For The Mess

    Dachshunds can shed a lot of hair, so to make sure it doesn’t end up in a mess, first make some pre-hand arrangements. You can do this by taking a cloth and spreading it over the floor where you’ll be grooming your dog. 

    We’d also recommend that you do it in an open place. In case you’re doing it indoors, make sure the fans are closed. As a bonus, give your dog a good bath beforehand.

    If you have an energetic dog, then it is likely that he won’t be sitting in one place too long. We recommend having another person there to ensure he doesn’t move a lot. 

    Clip Your Dachshund’s Hair

    As your first task, take clips to separate your pet’s hair. This can help make the process easier by allowing you to focus on cleaning the sections one by one.

    Similarly, if you come across any tangles or insects, then you’d also be able to take care of them. 

    Brushing Time

    You heard it. It’s brushing time. Grab that slicker brush and proceed by brushing your Dachshund. You want to do it slowly, gently, and in the direction of the hair. Essentially, follow the direction of hair growth. 

    dachshund shiny fur

    If you go against the direction, then it could cause an irregular pattern, and it may irritate the dog. 

    You want to take your time with this part, so don’t rush. Do it slowly, and make sure you get through all the sections. 

    If you find it hard to brush through certain parts, they may have more hair tangles so go through them again. 

    Clean The Tail

    Yes, the tail deserves its attention. This is primarily because dachshunds’ tails have finer hair which is likely to have more debris, dust, and insects. 

    Away With The Flea

    Fleas can be a nasty thing, and the last thing you want is for your dog to have them. The same goes for lice. 

    So grab a lice comb and gently comb it down the direction of the hair. 

    Make sure you do it slowly and stop if your dog starts moving a lot. It may be a sign that his hair is getting stuck. Make sure that you’re cleaning the comb as you work along. 

    Trim The Hair

    Your Dachshund may need a trimming session. One way to tell is by looking at the ears. As we mentioned earlier, ears are essentially a breeding ground for bacteria. 

    Therefore, if the hair around the ears is long and bushy, or if they’re more than 3-4 inches long, it’s time to grab your scissors and cut them. 

    We’d suggest you don’t cut too much hair but only enough that they don’t end up going inside the ear canals. 

    Similarly, also trim your pet’s stomach hair and hair between his toes. It’s better to keep them short here. Dachshunds don’t have a lot of hair here, so be careful while trimming. You don’t want to get rid of the hair altogether.

    Clear The Ears and Teeth

    Your dog’s ears may have yeast or bacteria already growing in them, so take a cotton ball and use it to wipe the insides of the ear. 

    Similarly, for the teeth, open your dog’s mouth and check for any broken teeth, wounds, or swollen gums. In case you see any anomalies, it’s better to give your vet a call.

    Now, take toothpaste and clean your dog’s teeth. Remember that for dogs, there are different kinds of toothpaste, so use the one suited for them. 

    Clip The Nails

    Last but not least, trim your dog’s nails using a nail clipper. Dachshunds don’t have very long nails, so if you’re not careful enough. You could end up hurting your dog. 

    Generally, it’s better not to clip them unless they are too long to be ignored. 


    Once you’ve done all the above-mentioned steps, it is time to bathe your dog. You can use a sink or a bucket for this. 

    First, rinse him with water such that he’s completely wet. Then, take shampoo and gently massage him until he’s covered in bubbles. 

    dachshund in bathtub

    It is better to take your time with this part. You want to remove all the hair follicles and dust that may still be there. Pay extra attention to its stomach and tail when using the shampoo. 

    Once you’re done, give him another wash and let him soak in water for a minute.

    Now take a towel and gently wipe your dog with it. We advise you to go with a soft cloth that will not cause any irritation. Clean the face, ears, stomach, and tail thoroughly. 


    After being done with the towel, your Dachshund may still have wet hair. Either you can let him out in the open for a while, or you can use a blow dryer.

     A blow dryer is preferable here as your dirt may stick to your dog’s hair.

    Do Dachshunds Need Grooming?

    Just like most other species of dogs, dachshunds need grooming as well. And this isn’t because of looks alone, but also due to their health.

    Unlike cats, dogs do not clean themselves, so if you don’t groom a dog, he could quickly get infected with yeast, bacteria, and other diseases. 

    How Often Should I Groom My Long-Haired Dachshund?

    If you have a long-haired Dachshund, then we’d recommend grooming it every two days. 

    You won’t have to go through the entire process of grooming which we mentioned above, but brush him thoroughly. 

    For the complete grooming session, we’d suggest you do that every 2 weeks. 

    Last Words

    Dachsunds can be a beautiful pet to have around. Not only are they loyal and friendly, but they are also relatively easy to groom. 

    In this article, we talked about whether you can shave your long-haired Dachshund or not. We also talked about the process of grooming and other aspects. 

    Now that you know the risks of shaving your long-haired Dachshund, you’ll be able to give him a proper grooming session without risking its elegance. 

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