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Can Dachshunds Jump on Furniture? [Is it Bad for Them?]

By: Vihaan Jain

Dachshunds love to jump on furniture for a good nap or snuggle like any other dog breed. But this simple action could be potentially harmful to your little Dachshunds.

Are you worried about your Doxie jumping on and off the couch? If you have any questions about the harm this may cause, you’ve come to the right place! This article will tell you the adverse effects of this action on your doggie! 

And worry not, for we have also compiled the best ways to prevent them from doing so!

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    Why It’s Bad For Your Dachshund to Jump Onto Furniture

    Dachshunds are a miniature breed of dogs, reaching an average height of just 8 to 9 inches in adulthood. When considering the fact that they are genetically predisposed to spine disease, this is a recipe for disaster when jumping is involved.

    Letting your miniature mutt jump around might seem harmless, but it can be dangerous. For small breeds like the Dachshund, this can cause long-term spinal issues and joint-related problems.

    Most Dachshunds suffer from Intervertebral Disc Diseases, or IVDD for short. This ailment is commonly seen in short-statured breeds and is alarmingly common in Dachshunds. Due to their unique dimensions, they also suffer from joint-health-related problems.

    According to a clinical disc disease study, Dachshunds are at a “10-12 times higher risk of developing IVDD than other breeds.” It is estimated that 19-24% of Dachshunds show symptoms of IVDD during their lifetime.

    dachshund ivdd graph

    IVDD causes herniation and hardening of the spinal discs. This disorder lessens the shock-absorbing properties of the spinal discs and can cause spinal cord compression. Dachshunds afflicted by IVDD experience pain and may have trouble walking and jumping. Severe cases of IVDD can even lead to paralysis and permanent injury to the spine.

    One of the leading causes of IVDD is, yep, you guessed it, forceful impacts due to jumping and landing. Jumping from furniture to the floor or vice versa can cause gradual wear and tear, leading to IVDD.

    Adding to this, often, there is a sudden shift in the material of the surface they jump off of. This makes them more prone to slipping or missing the jump and causing twisting of the spine.

    Furthermore, domesticated Dachsies that live in apartments and are well-fed are at a greater risk of obesity. This further worsens the effect jumping has on their joints.

    How Size and Breed Affect Jumping

    Dachshunds and miniatures are both short breeds. They have a long mid-section that is supported by the muscles of the back and spine.

    As mentioned above, weight is another crucial factor to consider. The more weight your dog is carrying, the more stress its joints will be under.

    By now, you will have realized that a lighter dog is a healthier one in more than one way.

    Daily walks and exercise are a must for every dog, including your Dachshund. This ensures their muscles stay strong and healthy and support their weight efficiently.

    In short, Dachshunds are at a disadvantage when it comes to jumping. Even climbing on and off furniture presents its problems. Let’s have a look at some of them.

    What Happens When Your Dog Jumps Off the Couch

    Jumping is a natural movement for healthy dogs to perform. It is usually harmless, but when there is an elevation change, there is an increased risk of injury.

    As we stated before, Dachshunds are at greater risk for developing spine-related problems or even IVDD caused by jumping.

    When your pooch jumps downwards onto the floor, there is a chance of slipping on the smooth surface. You can imagine how hard it would be to jump from a height onto a soft cushion; your knees would buckle.

    Apart from acute injury due to a miscalculated jump, this can cause wear-and-tear damage over time.

    Jumping involves sudden changes in load on the spine as your dog pushes its weight towards the front or back legs. As you can imagine, this puts a lot of stress on their back and spine.

    While descending, the hip and knee joints are under strain and can degenerate over time. Obese dogs that carry extra weight are more prone to joint injuries.

    How to Stop Your Dachshund From Jumping Onto Furniture 

    Jumping up is a challenging task for Dachshunds, given their short stature. Since their weight is distributed lower toward the ground, they can’t balance very well. This frequently causes them to miss jumps or fall off the edge.

    Now that you know the harm that jumping up can cause your pet pooch to, let’s look at ways to prevent them. One of the simplest solutions is to buy a dog ramp. Ramps make it safer for smaller dogs to climb up and down couches or beds.

    dachshund ramp

    To use a ramp, simply place one of appropriate height next to your dog’s favorite napping spot. This allows for a gradual change in the elevation from ground level. As you can imagine, this removes the possibility of twisting, stretching, and spraining caused by jumping.

    If you do not wish to purchase a dedicated doggy ramp, you can make your own! Make use of sturdy materials like wooden boards or planks. You can arrange these next to the bed or couch on a gentle slope. Alternatively, you can also place cushions near high furniture to act as steps. Now your dog can easily climb up or down without the risk of spine injury.

    If a ramp is not a feasible option for you, consider purchasing a sling. Alternatively, it is a good idea to help your dog move up and down from the furniture by picking them up.

    Now you might want your dog not to climb certain furniture at all. Well, we can tell you, training them is not very hard! Firstly, you want to gently but firmly pick your dog up and place them on the floor.

    It is a good idea to say “Down” or “Off” while doing so. Once they’re down, praise them by giving them a treat.

    By rewarding positive behavior, you can effectively train your Dachsie from climbing onto forbidden furniture.

    And lastly, the simplest way to prevent them from jumping is to simply block off furniture you don’t want them climbing onto. You can make use of pet gates and partitions to block off access.

    How to Stop Your Dachshund from Jumping Off of Furniture 

    Jumping downwards from a height is arguably worse for your furry friend’s spine health. Dachshunds especially are at higher risk of twisting their back muscles and injuring their spine.

    As you may have noticed, shorter dogs need to jump a lot higher relative to their height. Any jump of more than 2 feet (24″) is potentially harmful to your Doxie.

    Once again, making use of ramps, slings and partitions can be helpful for your dog. But by far, the best method is to use carpeted surfaces.

    When your dog jumps down, the sudden change in surface material and lack of friction causes all the problems. This increases the chances of slipping, which can cause twisting and spraining of the back.

    By placing carpets around your furniture, you can ensure lower chances of injury. The soft material of the carpet also acts as a shock absorber.

    Your dog will instinctively follow you down when they see you get up from the couch. This can cause them to get excited and jump off, leading to possible injury. The best way around this is to train them.

    To ensure they do not follow you down, get up slowly and turn around to face them. If they try to follow you, gently but firmly pat them back down. When they remain seated, give them the treat to encourage this behavior.

    As always, make use of command words like “Sit” while performing the action. This will ensure they learn to stay on the bed and wait.

    Other Considerations

    Although jumping from heights should be ruled out for most Dachshunds, there are other activities you may want to know about. Luckily for you, we’re going to discuss some more of those common activities here.

    Walking up or down stairs is generally safe for most dogs, including your dainty Dachshunds. Carpeted stairs are even better, as they allow for more shock absorption.

    Many doggies also love jumping on beds and trampolines. The truth is uneven surfaces again cause the same problems, and make your dog more susceptible to injuries.

    But the fact is that every dog is different. So if your Dachshund experiences pain or has trouble with these activities, it is a good idea to visit the vet. If caught early, IVDD and other spinal issues can be treated with excellent chances of a full recovery.

    It is a good idea to help your dog onto the bed by lifting them or using a sling. One can also make use of ramps, which we’ve discussed in detail ahead.

    Final Words

    Jumping is a risky activity for small dogs like the Dachshund. It can cause or worsen a host of back and joint problems. Dogs with a spinal disease are at greater risk of harm caused by jumping.

    Jumping on and off furniture is not advised. For Dachshunds, jumps of more than a few feet high are best avoided.

    You can use ramps to make it easier for your dog to climb up or down furniture. Picking them up or making use of slings also works well.

    Teaching them by using positive reinforcement is a good way to train your Dachsie. Make use of commands like “Sit” or “Down” while training them. This can help keep them disciplined and avoid injuries.

    Most of all, regular exercise and a healthy diet go a long way in keeping your Dachshund healthy and active.

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