can dachshunds eat strawberries

Can Dachshunds Eat Strawberries? (Everything You Need to Know)

Can Dachshunds eat strawberries? This is a question that we get asked quite often. The answer is yes, Dachshunds can eat strawberries. However, there are some things to consider before feeding a Dachshund with this fruit. This article will cover everything you need to know about giving strawberries to Dachshunds!

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    Things To Consider Before Feeding Your Dog Strawberries

    Strawberries make up for a delicious snack. They are also a great source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. However, before you decide to feed a Dachshund with this fruit, there are a few things that you should consider:

    • As a dog owner, you need to consider the size of the strawberry. The fruit comes in different sizes. You will want to make sure that the strawberry is not too big for your Dachshund to eat. In the case of a pup or a growing dog, the last thing you want is for your Dachshund to choke on a strawberry!
    • The second point worth a mention is the sugar content of this fruit. Strawberries are a very sweet fruit. This means that they contain a good amount of sugar which may not be good for dogs with underlying conditions like obesity, diabetes or others.
    • There is a chance that a Dachshund may be allergic to strawberries. Yes! Like in the case of humans, the protein present in strawberries can cause allergic reactions in some Dachshunds as well.

    Thus, in order to avoid situations like adverse effects or choking, it is recommended that you feed your Dachshund with strawberries in moderation and talk to your veterinarian about the new berries in your Dachshund’s diet.

    Are Strawberries Safe For Dachshunds?

    Now that we are clear on what you should know about strawberries for your Dachshund, let’s move on to whether or not these strawberries are safe for your dog.

    The good news is that strawberries are not toxic to Dachshunds. This means that Dachshunds can eat strawberries without any fear of them getting sick.

    However, as we mentioned earlier, there is a chance that Dachshunds may be allergic to strawberries. Also, health-wise, as a dog owner, you should be cautious regarding your dog’s obesity or underlying diabetic conditions.

    So, if you are going to feed a Dachshund delicious strawberries, make sure that you keep an eye out for any symptoms or allergies that these may cause to the dog.

    We also recommend removing the stem of the strawberries and cutting them into smaller pieces, especially if you are looking to feed Dachshund puppies or growing dogs.

    Health Benefits Of Strawberries For Dachshund

    Just like the other fruits, strawberries are loaded with health benefits for your Dachshund. Let’s check them out!

    • Strawberries contain a good percentage of fiber and water content. This helps to regulate the Dachshund’s digestion process, the digestive tract remains up and healthy with proper bowel movement, and it keeps the dog hydrated.
    • A special enzyme known as Malic Acid is present in strawberries. Malic acid is known for its teeth-whitening abilities. So, if you are looking for a natural way to keep your Dachshund’s teeth clean and sparkling, strawberries can be one of the good options that you can consider.
    • Strawberries are generally low in protein and fat content, which makes them safer for dogs who are or might be, suffering from conditions like kidney failure.
    • Strawberries run high when it comes to their vitamin constituents. Included amongst these are Vitamin B1, B6, C, E, and K. Antioxidants and minerals like magnesium, potassium, and folic acid also play a part in boosting the health benefits chart of strawberries. These strengthen the dog’s immune systems to fend off diseases and also have anti-aging properties.

    The Best Way To Introduce Strawberries To A Dachshund

    If you are looking to introduce strawberries to a Dachshund diet schedule, we recommend that you do so slowly.

    dachshund cute eyes

    You can start by giving a Dachshund some small pieces of strawberry and see how the dog reacts to it. Placing strawberry chunks in the regular food of your Dachshund would be a better idea. If there are no allergic reactions or any other adverse effects, you can gradually increase the number of strawberries that you give to the Dachshund.

    As we mentioned earlier, it is also a good idea to remove the stem of the strawberries and cut them into smaller pieces before feeding them to the Dachshund. This will make it easier for the dog to eat and reduce the risk of them choking on these berries.

    When introducing any new food to your Dachshund’s diet, it is always a good idea to talk to your veterinarian first for some professional opinion. The vet will be able to advise you on the best ways to introduce the fruit to a Dachshund’s diet and also help you keep an eye out for any potential allergies or adverse effects.

    We have tried to cover a few more questions that you might have in your mind regarding the introduction of strawberries in a Dachshund’s diet schedule.

    If your dachshund is not eating, check out that article.

    Can You Feed Your Dachshund With These Delicious Strawberries Every Day?

    Yes, you can! But do remember that maintaining a balanced approach is the key to keeping a Dachshund healthy. There is no such rule or recommendation on the number of strawberries that a Dachshund can eat every day, but like with every other food, you should go slow and introduce this fruit in moderation in a Dachshund’s diet.

    After you have observed the dog for some time, if you see no adverse effects or allergic symptoms, you can proceed with increasing the frequency of the fruit in the Dachshund’s weekly dietary intake. But, we would still recommend that you should not go for feeding your Dachshund with strawberries daily due to its high sugar content.

    What Happens If A Dachshund Eats Too Many Strawberries At A Time?

    Just like every other food, there can be some adverse effects if a Dachshund consumes too many strawberries at a time. These effects can range from a simple stomachache to more serious problems.

    If the Dachshund has consumed too many of these berries, you need to check and keep an eye on them for vomiting, abdominal pain, or diarrhea. You should also monitor the dog for signs like coughing or troubled breathing, as these might point out choking in the throat or the mouth.

    Can A Dachshund Eat Canned Strawberries?

    No fruit that comes packed in a can is recommended for Dachshunds. The sugar content in those canned fruits, especially strawberries, is generally higher than the fresh berries out there. These fruits contain some artificial sweeteners that can be dangerous to your dog’s health.

    If you are looking at strawberries as a healthy snack option for a Dachshund, you should go for fresh or frozen strawberries as your primary choice for fruit.

    Alt Text – Delicious Fruits – Strawberries, Blueberries and Banana for Dachshunds

    More Fruity Treats For Your Dachshund

    According to the American Kennel Club, it is recommended by veterinarians that any type of a treat for dogs should not consist of more than ten percent of the dog’s diet.

    There are many healthy and delicious fruit options that can help you treat your Dachshund for a good number of times in a week. Strawberries can be a major part of this schedule, but it can, and rather should also include:

    • Frozen Bananas: You can easily make these at home by freezing some ripe bananas for some time and then feeding them to your Dachshund as a healthy and refreshing treat. Just ensure that you don’t feed the whole frozen banana at once to the dog. You can cut the frozen fruit into smaller pieces and serve them to your dog.
    • Watermelon: This is another refreshing and hydrating fruit that your Dachshund will love. You should cut the watermelon into chunks and remove its seeds. The fruit can then be served frozen, chilled, or as watermelon ice cream with the watermelon chunks blended with unsweetened yogurt.
    • Blueberries: Another example of berries on the recommendation list, these blueberries are rich in minerals and antioxidant components and have many health benefits for Dachshunds. They are loved by the dogs and you can feed these to your Dachshund fresh or frozen. Blueberries are small, run low in calories, and contain high amounts of fiber, Vitamin C, and phytochemicals.
    • Apples: A Dachshund’s diet schedule should definitely include some apples. Just like in the case of watermelon, you should remove the apple’s core and seeds before feeding it to a Dachshund. Wash the fruit, cut it into small slices or cubes, keep the peel, and serve it as a tasty treat to your dog.

    Wrapping Up!

    So, can Dachshunds eat strawberries? The answer is a resounding yes! This fruit offers a wealth of health benefits to a Dachshund but should be introduced slowly and in moderation to avoid any health issues. And remember, while canned strawberries can be an option, fresh berries always provide the most nutritional value to the dog.

    Now that you have gone through the nitty-gritty of strawberries as a snack for a Dachshund, why not surprise your friend with a healthy bowl of deliciousness?

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