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Can Dachshunds Eat Bananas? (The Complete Guide)

Yes, Dachshunds can eat bananas, and it is one of the most nutritious fruit for them. As a Dachshund parent, you might have wondered: can dachshunds eat bananas? We are here to tell you they can. Bananas are an amazing fruit that has so much to offer in a small amount of food. 

They have been used for nutritional purposes for domestic animals for a long time, and no study has proved them to be bad.

We buy highly processed treats for our pets, and most of the time, we do not even know all the ingredients in them. In such cases, wouldn’t you consider switching to something that is readily available and you know all about it because you eat it too? 

It does sound tempting, right?

In this article, we take you through all the reasons why bananas are good for your Dachshund, what other foods they can eat, and more.

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    Reasons Bananas Are Good For Dachshunds

    There are many reasons why bananas are great for you Dachshund, here are some of them:

    High in Nutrition

    Bananas are high in nutrition. They have good fiber and potassium and are low in sodium. This makes them ideal for a pet’s diet.

    Other than that, the texture of bananas is quite soft and chewable, which makes them perfect for the Dachshunds to eat and swallow. 

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    Banana helps your pet smooth digestion and metabolism, which is great for them. There are also various ways that you can give a banana to your dog.

    You can mush them up and spoon feed them, you can mix them up with their dog food, or can give them a peeled banana, so they can eat it. 

    Found Everywhere and Are Cheap

    Bananas are the most commonly found fruit in supermarkets. They can be found in corner shops and gas stations easily. Because of their availability and versatility, they make exceptional fruit for your Dachshund. 

    Even though bananas might not have such a long shelf life, they can still last for some days if refrigerated, and if carefully frozen, they would last you a long time. 

    Bananas are very cheap compared to expensive dog food, which has all sorts of ingredients you don’t know about. They are cheap and would cost the smallest fraction of your money. This is a great tip if you are trying to save some money. 

    Sweet Taste 

    Bananas are sweet in taste and can be very tasty to eat – for people and Dachsunds! Because of this reason, bananas make a great treat for them.

    So whenever Dachshunds are looking for a treat, get them a banana and see them light up. 

    Attractive in Color

    The yellow color of the bananas is quite attractive to the Dachshunds. If you offer them food, they will happily accept it and find it appealing.

    With the added sweet taste, soft texture, and nutritional value, they will surely become one of their favorite fruits to eat and feel happy about. 

    How Much Banana Is Suitable For a Dachshund?

    For your Dachshund, a half banana once a week might be a good way to start. Bananas are high in sugar which is why their portion should be calculated before giving them to your Dachshund. You can measure their reaction to this portion and see how it plays out with more bananas. 

    Most fruits are given in small amounts because large amounts may spike their sugar or sodium levels. 

    Are Banana Peels Good For Dachshunds?

    No, banana peels are not good for your Dachshund and might cause some sort of allergic reaction or digestive problems. The bananas and their peels are two different things to the stomach. 

    The inside is a soft, mushy, and sweet fruit that is great for digestion and nutrition, whereas the outside is hard, rubbery, with a bad taste which will cause an upset tummy for your Dachshund. 

    An upset tummy can cause your Dachshund to be irritated and annoyed at all times. It will cause you to clean up more after him and will be a bad experience overall.

    So make sure you hide and dispose of your peels carefully and make sure your dog cannot reach them. 

    Can Dachshund Develop an Allergy Towards Bananas?

    Some dogs can develop an allergy to bananas. Each Dachshund is different. Something that works for one Dachshund might not work for another. In the same way, some fruits that cause no allergy in some Dachshunds might cause a reaction in others. 

    You would just have to give it a chance and see for yourself. Make sure you start any new food item in a small amount so that even if there is a reaction, it’s small and forgiving.

    Another way that will be of great use to find out your pet’s allergies is a trip to your vet. Ask your vet if he can run allergy tests on your pet, and that should give you a comprehensive list of what things are good and what things are bad for your pet. 

    The other thing that could help you out is that when you get a puppy, ask the ex-owner about the allergies that its mother or father had.

    This will give you a lot of information on the dos and don’ts of the foods to give to your Dachshund. 

    What Fruits Are Good For Your Dachshunds?

    can dachshunds eat strawberries

    There are many foods that Dachshunds are allowed to eat. These fruits do not cause any allergic reactions generally and are easy for them to digest and absorb. These foods are also high in nutritional value with a yummy taste. 

    Here is a list of fruits that are good for your Dachshund:

    • Apples
    • Avocados
    • Blueberries
    • Cantaloupes
    • Cranberries 
    • Cucumbers 
    • Mangoes 
    • Oranges 
    • Peaches
    • Pears 
    • Pineapples
    • Pumpkin
    • Raspberries
    • Strawberries
    • Watermelon

    The above list contains a lot of fruits that are good for your puppy. Some of these fruits are high in sugar and should be given occasionally in small amounts.

    Other than that, these natural sources of nutrition are great for your pet and, if given the time and attention, may become an alternative source to pet food that have additives and high amounts of sodium. 

    Using fruits as a source of nutrition for your pet is also very environmentally friendly. So next time you prepare a weekly schedule for them or are heading out to get some groceries, make sure to get your pet some fruits as well. 

    What Fruits Are Not Good For Your Dachshund?

    Some fruits are not good for your Dachshund. The reason behind it is that these fruits may be hard to digest and might not sit well with their digestive system. So it is better to avoid them in total. 

    Here is a list of fruits that are not suitable for your Dachshund and should be avoided:

    • Cherries
    • Grapes
    • Tomatoes

    There are various other foods that may be dangerous for your pet, so make sure you check the details of any food before giving them to your pet. 

    Last Words

    In this article, we talked about how bananas are good for Dachshunds and whether they can eat them or not. Now we know that bananas are good for them only if occasionally given in a certain amount.

    This is because the fruit is high in sugar and may cause a spike in its sugar level. We also talked about the potential allergic reaction.

    Lastly, we went over a list of fruits that are good and not good for your Dachshund and his health. We hope this article was helpful for you and your Dachshund. Make good choices when it comes to their food. They will thank you for it. 

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