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10 Reasons Dachshunds are Loyal to One Person [2023 Guide]

There are several reasons why dogs get easily attached to one person over another. Dogs are much like people, referring to their most recent memories. What those memories consist of contributes to why your dog acts the way it does.

This article will discuss ten reasons why your Dachshund is more loyal to one person in the household. There are many factors at play influencing your wiener dog’s loyalty. This informational piece will cover daily situations during all life stages conducive to your Dachshund’s loyalty to one person.

A dog’s loyalty comes from many places, some not so obvious and without further ado.

Let’s dive in.

10 Reasons your Dachshund is Loyal to One person

  1. First Interaction with Your Dachshund Breed
  2. Dachshund Owners with a Rescue Dog
  3. Dachshund Temperament: Raising Your Dachshund
  4. Spending More Time with Your Family Dog
  5. Pet Health: Giving Your Dachshund Affection 
  6. Playing with Your Dachshund
  7. Sleeping with Your Dachshund  
  8. Feeding Your Dachshund Regularly
  9. Reward Your Dachshund with Treats 
  10. Lacking Socialization  

First Interaction with Your Dachshund Breed

First interactions are the most apparent reasons your badger dog has more loyalty to one person. If you are the first person to meet and greet your family dog, they will probably never forget you.

Dogs are the most impressionable when they are still a puppy. Their brain is like a sponge and absorbs every information they can manage. Eager to please their master, your small dog will be right by your side, ready to be a loyal companion. 

Pair this vulnerable state with positive interaction, and you have more than likely just met a new best friend. Just like first impressions are essential to people, first interactions with your Dachshund puppy are crucial for starting the relationship on the right foot.

Dachshund Owners with a Rescue Dog

First interactions with a rescue dog can be highly critical depending on the dog’s history. Rescue dogs tend to be skittish, fearful, and distrustful, which can cause them to develop behavioral issues.

It is imperative to read the situation correctly when you are going to rescue a dog. Dachshunds are inherently loyal to their master. If this bond gets broken, it might take some time to build it back up.

When rescuing your sausage dog, be aware of its physical and mental state. The Dachshund dog breed will form a clear memory of the person that saved it from the dog shelter.

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Dachshund Temperament: Raising Your Dachshund

Raising your Dachshund puppy will undoubtedly have the most impact on its loyalty. This is because dogs retain 90 percent of the information they will use in their adult life from birth to 6 months.

Not to say that dogs cannot learn in their later years, but learning will not be as quick and automatic as it is when they are a puppy. It goes along with the saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

As a dog owner, if you are training your Dachshund with positive reinforcements, these memories will last its lifetime. Loyalty is earned. Proper training with your Dachshund puppy will create a long-lasting relationship built around trust.

Train your miniature dachshund according to your needs. If you are looking for a good guard dog, reward your Dachshund puppy every time it barks to alert you of a new visitor.

Being keen to barking, Dachshund dogs are naturally great guard dogs, so bear this in mind if you are trying to correct this behavior.

All small dogs express their protective instincts differently. Border collies are a herding breed and will repeatedly circle to exercise their judgment as a watchdog.

Boston terriers, on the other hand, hardly bark. Instead, they use their exceptional hearing to alert their dog owners of any visitors.

Spending More Time with Your Family Dog

Raising your Dachshund will inevitably allow you to spend more time together. As mentioned earlier, dogs are very similar to people.

They will go back to their last memory or interaction with someone. If you are always hanging around your loyal companion, it is undeniable that you will have a strong bond with each other.

This scenario especially plays out with people working from home. Your Dachshund will end up depending on you for everything. Don’t be surprised if you constantly find your wiener dog in your shadow.

Dachshund owners should find themselves very lucky to have such a great family dog and family members in the household. Badger dogs are one of the most loyal dog breeds, making them a lovely addition to almost any family.

Pet Health: Giving Your Dachshund Affection

Aside from spending time with your Dachshund, the quality of the time spent holds even more value. Let’s say that your Dachshund is left alone most of the day while everybody else is at school or work.

Who is the first person your Dotson sees when someone comes home? Maybe it’s your daughter getting home from school. If the interaction is lively and cheerful, your Dotson will remember that family member dearly.

It will be what your wiener dog looks forward to all day long. Your Dachshund will be captivated by their behavior. This type of bond will resonate with your Dachshund and create a deep sense of loyalty.

Playing with Your Dachshund

What’s the first thing you do with your Dachshund when you get home? If you like to play with your small dog when you get home, it will automatically associate you with playtime.

This type of positive reinforcement is long-lasting.

Go for a walk with your dog or go outside to play fetch with him. Playing with your Dachshund is a natural DE stressor for both parties and will undeniably build a loyal dog amongst one of the most loyal dog breeds.

Sleeping with Your Dachshund

It is very common for dog owners to sleep with their dogs. This is especially true for small dogs. They hardly take up any space and are like big teddy bears.

Dachshunds, in particular, will feel right at home if they sleep with you. Sleeping is a very primal ritual for dogs. If you are part of this nightly ritual, their loyalty to you will be unmatched.

Having your Dachshund close by when they are sleeping will give them a warm security blanket and a feeling of reassurance.

However, not all dogs are alike. Some wiener dogs prefer to sleep separately, even though their dog breed may indicate otherwise.

Feeding Your Dachshund Regularly

Eating is essential to your Dachshund’s pet health and is another primal activity, like sleeping. This process lasts only 5-10 minutes but seems much longer from a dog’s perspective.

Your Dotson will surely remember the person that constantly feeds them. Their bodies run on internal clocks, and they will surely let you know if you still need to reach their dinner deadline.

The person that feeds your Dachshund will be part of their favorite time of every day, dinner. If that’s not loyalty, I don’t know what is.

Make sure to give your miniature dachshund dog food high in omega 3’s. Nutrient-high omega-3 foods contribute to a healthy heart and give your sausage dog a noticeably shiny coat.

Whether your smooth Dachshund or your wirehaired Dachshund, your loyal companion will benefit from a heart-healthy diet.

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Reward Your Dachshund with Treats

To build trust, you must first earn it. Training your dog and rewarding it with good behavior will make way for a strong relationship. Positive reinforcement will keep them coming back eager to please their master.

Giving your Dachshund treats as a reward accomplishes three things. First, they must process the command given by their master. Second, they must perform the order. Lastly, they are rewarded for their excellent behavior, making them eager to do it again later.

Establish a strong connection by providing mental and physical stimulation for your Dachshund. You will find your badger dog right by your side when you reach into your pockets.

Lacking Socialization

There are different levels of loyalty your Dotson may display depending on how much socialization they receive in their life. For example, your Dachshund may be overly loyal or protective of its master.

Typically, this is because of a lack of socialization with people or other dogs. For this reason, it is essential to socialize your Dachshund puppy as soon as possible and continue to adulthood.

If Dachshunds are not properly socialized, they can become territorial, protective, anxious, and even aggressive in certain circumstances. Familiarize your Dachshund with dogs of all sizes, kids, elders, large groups of people, and even other animals.

Getting your Dotson comfortable in all situations will help them not to become overly protective of the one person in charge, their master.

Final Words

As you can tell, there are many reasons why a Dachshund might be loyal to one person. First encounters are critical to dogs and can either start things off on the right foot or not.

Dachshunds will often pick a favorite person in the household even if they are properly socialized. The reason being is they are hound dogs and are eager to please their master upon request.

As a dog owner, you must meet your Dachshund’s physical and mental demands. If your wiener has pent-up energy, it may show signs of being territorial, protective, anxious, and aggressive in certain situations.

By now, you should clearly understand why a Dachshund will become loyal to one person. Hopefully, this information will serve you well in becoming your Dachshund’s favorite person.

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