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Are Dachshunds Good Apartment Dogs? (The Truth)

Yes, Dachshunds are great apartment dogs, and there are many reasons why. Dachshunds are loveable dogs with a playful character and low maintenance. If you are a Dachshund parent, you will agree that a Dachshund’s small and cuddly size is perfect for an apartment. 

If you are looking to buy a pet for an apartment or just a small space and cannot decide which dog to go for, this may be the article for you.

In this article, we will talk about all the possible reasons that a Dachshund is a great pet for an apartment and what things you should consider before getting a Dachshund. Lastly, we will talk about some scenarios in which a Dachshund might not be a good apartment dog for you to keep. 

We aim to provide you with all the necessary and accurate information, so sit tight and let’s get reading. 

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    Reasons Why Dachshunds Are Good Apartment Dogs 

    There are many reasons why a Dachshund might be a good dog for your apartment, and here are the most important reasons:

    Size of Dachshunds

    The size of a Dachshund is the biggest plus point when considering keeping it as a pet in a small space or an apartment. These tiny bundles of joy and energy can exist peacefully with you in small places without causing a mess or a riot.

    baby dachshund

    Unlike other dogs or animals, Dachshunds do not need large rooms and spaces to have a good time.

    They would require a small dog cushion in a quiet corner, and they are good to go. They will love this space and will not cause any problems for you.

    Make sure the place has a window from where the Dachshund can see outside and sometimes bask in the sun. 

    Nature of Dachshunds

    It is the inherent nature of the Dachshunds that they get aggressive and defensive when they are in bigger places with a lot of people in them. They consider them as threats, and these threats can cause them to lose their calm and act up. 

    For this reason, it is quite helpful if the Dachshund is living in a small and confined place where it does not feel like he needs to defend anyone or become aggressive.

    Apartments fall into this category because Dachshunds can measure and remember each corner of the apartment and roam freely without being scared or afraid of any unwanted person in an unknown place.

    Low Maintainance of Dachshunds

    As compared to most dogs, Dachshunds are very low maintenance. They do not need extraordinary care, nor is their nutrition a big issue to maintain. They are easygoing pets that require only some caring, and you are good to go. 

    The thing that you should consider here is even though they are low maintenance, they still want attention and love constantly, so you cannot just leave them alone.

    If you do, then they will form separation anxiety, and that would require a lot of attention and care, which will only double the workload. 

    So if you are keeping a Dachshund, regularly check in on them, play with them, and give them love. 

    Need Less Exercise and Space 

    Dachshunds are hound dogs and have a lot of energy, but they do not need to go on regular walks each day and also do not need much space. This makes them ideal as apartment dogs. As an apartment owner, you cannot take your pet on long walks every day, and with Dachshund as your pet, you would not even have to. 

    If you still want that your Dachshund remains healthy and active, you can get a small home gym for your dog that will keep him busy and will also be fun for him to play with. These pet gyms can be found easily on Amazon or your nearest pet shop. 

    What Things Should You Consider Before Keeping A Dachshund In an Apartment?

    Without a doubt, a Dachshund would make a great pet for you in your apartment, but before you get a Dachshund, here are some things to consider:

    Pet-Friendly Building

    The first and foremost thing to consider is whether your apartment building is pet-friendly and what your landlord says about it.

    Hopefully, your building and your landlord are pet friendly and have no problem with you keeping a pet. 

    In case they are not, it might be a big problem for you. If you keep a pet in such places and the owner finds out, you might get fined and you might have to move.

    This will only create more and more problems for you, so for the sake of your sanity and peace, inquire about the rules of your apartment. 

    If you have to keep a pet and your building does not allow you, consider moving places to a much more pet-friendly place that can also offer pet day cares and helping services. 

    Your Schedule 

    While keeping a Dachshund may be very fun, they require proper care and attention. They are low maintenance as compared to other dogs, but they still need basic care and, basic care is your constant and undivided attention. 

    Dachshunds are a sucker for quality time with their parent, so if your schedule does not allow you to adequately cater to the needs of your Dachshund, then you should consider getting a different pet. Because otherwise, your Dachshund will form separation anxiety, and that will be an even more difficult thing to cater to. 

    Maintaining a Pet 

    As explained above, Dachsunds are low-maintenance pets, but they still need maintenance. They require care, love, and affection emotionally and physically.

    They require potty training, play dates, and fun activities. If you are willing to do all that and let us not forget the cost that comes with keeping a pet, then go for it and get yourself a Dachshund. 

    If you are skeptical about either of the things mentioned above, please reconsider your choice of getting a Dachshund. There is no use in keeping a pet if you cannot care for them properly. 

    If you still really want to keep a pet, then opt for a fish, the pet with the least maintenance and cost.

    Why Dachsunds May Make a Bad Apartment Pet

    We have talked all about the goods of keeping a Dachshund as an apartment pet, but not all things are as simple as that. There are some downsides to them, and here they are:

    The Barking Problem 

    dachshund howling

    Dachshunds have a barking problem, and this problem can be because of various reasons. The barking can be excessive, persistent, and loud at most times. This may anger your neighbors and may make them report you and your dog. 

    Besides your neighbors, your own days and nights will greatly be impacted if the barking continues. So either you could do something to subside the barking or can seek professional help. 

    This way, it is of utmost importance that you consider the barking of a Dachshund before keeping him as a pet. If by any chance your apartment is soundproof, you have a good chance of keeping the noise of its barking under control from your neighbors. 

    Afraid Of Strangers

    Dachshunds are afraid of strangers. They are not among those dogs who let any stranger pat them on the back or shake their hand. When a Dachshund encounters a stranger in a large space, it can either bark at it continuously or go into another room. 

    In apartments, if a Dachshund encounters a stranger, it will not feel safe.

    So if you are expecting company and you have a Dachshund in your apartment, make sure you consider all the aspects and plan accordingly in order to dodge the embarrassment of your dog’s consistent barking at your guests. 

    Last Words

    In this article, we went through three main portions related to the question: are Dachshunds good apartment dogs?

    We discussed the reasons for it being a good apartment dog, things you should consider before getting a Dachshund, and also when a Dachshund might not be a good apartment dog. 

    We know that Dachshunds are low maintenance, playful with their parents, and highly territorial. They like confined spaces, which makes them feel safe and secure. They can be noisy and uncomfortable with strangers at most times. 

    Knowing all of the above information, you can judge whether a Dachshund is a good apartment dog for you or not. We hope this article was helpful to you.

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